Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Warren Buffett

This guy is the 2nd richest guy in the world. Today when having class, Chang Meng suddenly told us about this guy. He spend 2Million USD for a lunch! LOL!

For more information, please refer to think link. =p



Mr. Sorethroat together with Mr. Cough pay me a visit yesterday and since then I cough non stop and having sorethroat. x.x

My dear friends, please take good care of yourself because the weather is not stable nowadays. Drink more water, eat less fried food and drink He Ren Ke. ^^

I saw this while surfing around.


生病的人不想让它好 xD

It is so true =p

Monday, June 29, 2009

Good Friends

Finally I had came to a conclusion after talking to jie. Can’t believe that they both actually thinks alike. Hahahahahahaha. It’s weird to say it this way but they do think alike. I know what I should do and I will do it according to what jie says. =)

I don’t know about the future. But I know it’s impossible for you to like me now. Well let’s just keep track on each other’s life and see what happens. Silly you, please remember we are good friends no matter what.

Lovers may come and go, but friends are forever. Maybe being just good friends is better for both of us now. Just like what you used to say, “wait till the day you fall for me then we think ba” but this time its referring to u rofl xD

You said this 2 weeks ago: “u re still my good friend mah, i still care abt u mah”

Hope you are still doing so. =)

So we are good friends jiu shi le. =D

还是好朋友,比爱人长久 xD


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Proud :x

Last night went out with See Meng and Siew Wai. She came back from Singapore for some time already but we never go yum cha with her. She say wants to show us her bf mar. So her bf fetch us out. We went to have our dinner at Filling Station. And I have no idea why her bf keep saying wants to eat in places with aircond. Seriously it is weird for a guy who insist to eat in a place with aircon lor. It shocks me and See Meng.

We finish our dinner quite early. Its only 9pm. I ordered Chicken Ham Carbonara. We were talking about days during our secondary time. It was so stupid and funny. Gossips about people. Omg we are so bad :x However, when me and See Meng wants to pay back her bf, he said he treat us eat. Yay, Thanks to him ^^

Since our dinner ends so early, they ask if there is any other place we wants to go. And so I brought them to the hotel I worked before, Tower Regency Hotel. xD

Went there then saw Lela and talked to her for a while. For our first batch of the front office staffs, only left Kak Faez, Ya A, Lela, Ema, and Sharin. I was quite shock when I heard Ema is still in front office. But it was a good thing though, at least next time if I go back to work, I still have friends there. xD

When they show me the price list, that was a big shock and feel of super proud and happy. xD



When I hold this brochure, I feel superb proud. Because they are still using the brochure that I design. =)

I asked to see the empty room. When I was still working in that hotel, I never been to the hotel rooms before. And I recorded videos. xD

I Went to see a few types of room. Firstly was Deluxe Room. Follow by Junior Suite, Ambassador Suite, and Pent House Suite. Pent House Suite is the most expensive type of room in this hotel. The price is RM5k PER NIGHT. Siao right? Lols, I wont so siao to choose to live in a room which cost RM5K per night to stay lor. 5K I can go travel in my favorite country liao. xD But still its worth it because I get to take a look at such expensive room. xD

And of all the rooms, I still prefer Junior Suite. Because it is more spacious and looks nicer. =)

Junior Suite

Pent House Suite

That’s all for now. Bye =D

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Complicated feelings are buried inside me now. I just came back from my brunch and feel so weird. Why makes me feel weird? I don’t know.

I wonder, to whoever reads my blog, am I a good listener to you all? I’ll be so happy when you all tell your stories to me and I feel so happy because you share it with me and I’m glad at least I could help you all by simply listening to whatever you all want to say. I never ask for any credits because it’s not needed. 

You all choose to tell me because you all trusted me so much. I never let down any of my friends before and I’ve always been thank for listening to them when they need someone to talk to. Hereby, I thanks you all for trusted me so much and I will continue supports you all while I’m still alive in this world. I also want to thanks a few person who supports me during my hard times. Firstly, my mei, Jocelyn. She has been listening to my grandmother stories for months and I know I bored her at times when listening to my stories, but I’m really thankful to have her by my side.

Secondly, I would like to thanks Wen Jie. Every time when I’m sad because of things happened in my life, he will cheer me up, he turns my sadness into happiness by simply *hush hush* me to slow down my tears. It helps a lot. He always cheer me up and an wei me when he knows I cry. Still remember the period where me and my kor had some arguments, he was there all the time to pei me chat and cry.  If I don’t have him beside me during that tough period, I really don’t know how to go through that period myself. Wen Jie, Xie Xie Ni. =) Please continue to support me, because your support means a lot to me. =)

Thirdly, I want to thank Momo aka Vicky. She’s been listening to me and supports me when I am so sad and down. She gave me a lot of ideas and cheer me up by her own unique way. She tells me the truth although the truth hurts. She will apologize first before she tell me the truth. Thank you so much Vicky. ^^

I would like to thanks Judee also. She’s been hearing my stories and send me home and comfort me a lot during tough times. Remembering that day I cried in class and she send me home. I really feel so thankful to have her by my side. Thanks Judee ^^ Love Ya ^^

Forth person to thank, my jie aka Angela. Every time when I have problems, she will give me advice and makes me laugh. Feel so comfort every time I tell her my stories. Thanks a lot jie. =)

Fifth person to thank, Mindy Mei. She purposely call me up that day because she knows I’m sad. I feel so thankful when I talk to her on the phone and she comforts me and give me advice.

Lastly, special thanks to my brother and his gf. On Tuesday night, it was a tough night for me and I went to knock his room and cry on his bed. His gf were there to listen to my problems. He gave me a big hug which makes me feel so warm. I love you, Shu Wei =)

I feel so thankful to have you all besides me. I love you all and I will not go through all those tough time without the supports from every each of you. I love you all and thanks for supporting me. Please continue to support me. ><

Friday, June 26, 2009


Some amendments for the Sorry post.

I remember every single thing you told me. Things you like and don’t like to eat, things you interested, your past working place, what you like and what you don’t and a lot more. I’m gonna miss you very much le. ><

I will always be by your side when you need me. I will try to not to message you as often as before. Although not talking to you is gonna be very hard for me. I rather suffer myself but I don’t want to become a problem to you and makes you feel irritated more. >< You can don’t talk to me but just don’t delete me or block me from your msn.

I’ve change the top pictures which I’ve been displayed for months. And every single word from that picture is what I wish for you. Truly from my heart. =)


Sometimes, saying too much sorry will irritates people without notice. And for that, I am an expert. There are 4 kinds of emotion mixing in myself now. Sadness, disappointment, lost and bitter. I can hardly breathe now . Breathing is so painful. I really don’t know what to do now. I’m stuck here and I don’t know what to write. I can’t seems to find the right words to replace my emotions. I suddenly feel so helpless.  I tried so hard to makes us talk like last time. But no matter how hard I try, it only last for some time. I didn’t know that things I said actually irritated you. For this, I apologize deeply.

I’m doing this is because I wish there was a way that I could go back in time to chat with you like as though we were best of the best friends. Maybe not best friend, we are good friends according to what you said. A friend who understands you more than others do. Maybe you don’t know the feeling of my heart break into a million pieces when you are being cold to me. I feel uneasy. I don’t feel right. The feeling is horrible. I know you feel guilty and don’t know what to do with me. But it’s alright,it’s ok. Because I’m still living in the memory where you and I had great time together. You know, every moment I spend with you is a moment I treasure. I hope you will be back someday. Someday where I can chat with you like how we used to chat which you say you feel relax and nice talking to me because you can say what you want to say without thinking anything. I will always be by your side when you need me. I will try to not to message you as often as before. Although not talking to you is gonna be hard for me. I rather suffer myself but I don’t want to become a problem to you and makes you feel irritated more. >< You can don’t talk to me but just don’t delete me or block me from your msn.

You always said, *Don’t love me best*. You’ve also said that love can’t be force. And I want to say the same theory that you can’t force someone to stop loving you also. It takes time I guess.

Once I said I hope we are still good friends and you said we are. I truly hope we are still good friends. You know I have always wanted you to be happy everyday and now she is back with you and I feel you will be happy everyday now. I’ve did what I promised earlier and please take good care of yourself. Your back has been pain for some time but I know you don’t like people telling you to do this and that. I just think you should go see doctor about it because you feel painful of it.

I hope the best for you and her. May you both happily loving together. Silly you. ^^ I do hope we can still audi together. =) As good friends of course. =)

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Yesterday was Kah Men’s birthday. But I only blog about it now its because I only get the photos we took from Miss Nurainie. We even went out to buy cakes for her during lunch time. Judee fetched me, Chee Leong, Fiona and Patricia along to Deli Garden to buy Chocolate Moist Cake for Kah Men’s birthday.

Once again, Happy 20th Birthday Again Kah Men ^^

Today Mama took me and Ah Jie to Kintoki to eat Jap food. She order a set of fried tempura and sushi. While I was glancing around the menu, I saw something that shocks me. *Tamago Maki*  O_O

I immediately sms him about it and he is coincidence having his favorite Japanese food – Sashimi. I remember he said he will eat sashimi with wasabi. xD Looks like someone having happy time and I’m really happy for him ^^ Yay we are good friends =)


The Girls With Burfday Girl ^^


Group Photo With Miss Nurainie


Lovely and Funny Classmates ^^


Clearing Glasses And Napkins =P


Jie is back from her Europe Trip. Talked with her until 4am last night. Feel so glad after talking to her. Thanks Jie ^^

I somehow can feel that something is bothering him. No matter how I ask him he doesn’t seem wants to tell me about it. He keep on say nothing. He promised me that he will share his problems with me. I hope he really do so because we are good friends and that is what good friends do. I am worrying. ><

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Want You To Be Happy

Finally, I feel so relieved after what he told me last night. Something happy has happened. I must say that I feel so happy for him because I know there is only one person who can really make him truly happy and now they are happy together^^

However, I will still do the promise I said earlier.  I’m referring to my promise towards someone whom I care a lot. Although the process is not easy but I know I will able to go through it. I wonder did I said something wrong which irritated him >< I talk to him and he doesn’t seem to reply me. I’m worrying >< I think it must be my fault which makes him don’t want to reply me. Dui Bu Qi T.T

There is a song I used to ease my pain. Which the song is very helping. =)

Its *You’re In Love* by Wilson Phillips

And now i see that you're so happy
And ooh, it just sets me free
And I'd like to see
Us as good of friends
As we used to be
Aah, my love, aah
You're in love
That's the way
It should be
'cause i want you to be happy
You're in love
And i know
That you're not in love with me
Ooh it's enough
For me to know
That you're in love
Sometimes it's hard to believe
That you're never coming back to me
I've had this dream that you'd always be by my side

This part of the lyrics somehow sings out what is in my heart.

I Want You To Be Happy. =)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

To You.

To You.

Last night was a disaster for me. I just want to say that I will not blame you for anything because it’s not your fault. You always tend to blame yourself for everything no matter its right or wrong. I know you would surely think it is your fault. Blame you? Scold you? Hate you? Everything on you? It’s not even your fault. It’s my own problem. Just don’t feel so guilty already you silly =P

From we firstly know each other, until we became good friends, I feel happy about what happened between us. Remember the *dit dit dit* sound you heard while we were on phone that night? Well, it’s not *dit dit dit dit and then diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii*, its *dit~dit~dit~dit~* continuing. I wouldn’t say I know you very well. But you must admit that I somehow knows what you think at times? xD We think alike de lor, please remember that!

I’m feeling so thankful for God to bring you into my life. I am so happy to have a good friend like you. And I’m sure we will always be good friends. =) So don’t be silly and we can just rewind back to the day where we still laughing happily on the phone. Remember your rewind theory? How good if everything can be rewind and according to you, it can be be rewind.

I have this silly thinking before. That you might have like me a little but you didn’t notice it. I still remember there is this period where we both are confusing what kind of relationship we are in by that time. Missed the time you call me *dear* because of the silly and stupid dream I had about my mei, my kor and you.

Ok, I’m over bubbly again. The main point I’m trying to say its we are good friends and we will always be, ok? ^^  Thanks for giving me good memories. I will cherished the memories you’ve gave to me. You’ve been giving a good memories for me and the memories will continue building. Cheer up ^^

The time we coupled has been a very happy day for me. You always pei me play. But you can’t pei me much now already. =(

You know what I need than anybody else. Just continue giving it and I’ll be satisfied. Love can’t be force. I’m glad that you found someone you like. It’s good for you. Lucky her, she will get every care from you.

Most important thing, DON’T FEEL GUILTY YOU SILLY!! ^^ And do the promises you promised me. =)



My heart is very pain. But I was told that I cannot say my heart is pain. Cause according to scientific knowledge *special thanks to Jocelyn*, heart pain or heartache only happens when we are having heart attack.

Everything was normal until this afternoon when I was back from my class. I went to audition to play with Wen Jie and Fel. And in the room, I realize something. I know he doesn’t like me to jealous so much but what I saw is just beyond my limit. My tears straight falls down when I saw him saying *I love you sorpor* to her.

No matter how I message him in audition or sms, he didn’t reply me much. I cried non stop. Cause I really don’t know what to do. I thought last night we both still happily talking on phone. And suddenly, everything just changed. I asked him in msn later on and he doesn’t seem to know what to reply me. It all began ever since he knows the girl when she ask him to send her *haxx*. He likes her. Even though she likes to bully him by talking to him in Cantonese. At this very moment, I blame myself for not able to make him to like me. I’m such a failure. I can’t even make someone I love to love me the same way. Or perhaps no one would ever love me the same way as me towards them. I don’t know. ><

I hate her. But I have no rights to even hate her. Hate her for snatching him from me? He’s not even my audition couple anymore. I can only blame myself because I can’t make him to EVEN like me like how I love him. How pathetic. I called him up to talk to him. He doesn’t know what to reply me in the phone. 

But however, I remember what he promised me. He said he will never pangseh me. I truly hope that we are still good friends. Because I have nothing much left with me T.T. He said I will never feel alone because I have him.

I don’t know how to smile anymore. Wen Jie, we will just remain the same like before ok? Don’t bu li wo cause you already coupled with her and if you don care about me I really will collapse de. ><

I feel so sad. I can’t go through this alone. T.T  Pls, someone cheer me up? ><

At the very end, I can only say I tried my best.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I Love You.

We on phone for 1 hour last night and we didn’t notice it. I guess its because we are having happy time talking together. I can’t really describe how happy I am when I’m on phone with him and I enjoy it so much. He sounds so cute and I love listening to his voice. We hang up because he needs to reply messages. Else I really hope we could talk more longer. =(

I really love him so much le. I am happy to be loving him. =)

I told my mei about what I wish for from Wen  Jie. She say my wish so simple. I only wish to stay by him and share his problems when he sad or share his happiness with him when he’s happy. I just need him to chat with me and care for me and I care for him. I said I will wait for him for 1 year. And I will do so.

Wen Jie, I really love you so much. Just don’t push me away and thinking I’m wasting my time. Because I don’t think its wasting at all.

陪着你的光阴 怎样都不算蹉跎

陪着你的光阴 永远都觉得不够


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Papa Day ^^

Happy Papa Day to all the Papa in the world =) May You all have a great one with your sons and daughters ^^

This morning I woke up at 1030 by mama. She say today is Papa day and Papa wants to go eat breakfast together. We didn’t tell Papa tat we are going to celebrate for him. *But I think he knows =p*

So we took him to the Old Town Kopitiam at the Ipoh Field. The streets are quiet because its a Sunday mar. However, it is quite crowded inside the kopitiam. I’ve order the Gai Si Hor Fun as usual together with a bowl of half boiled egg plus with one cup of enrich chocolate. As usual papa didn’t order anything lor. He *income tax* of our food as usual xD. He has been doing that since we small and so we already used to it  :x

After brunch, We went to shop a little. I bought a shoe from Coey’s Shop. I saw one shoe but 2 different color. One is the white ones and the one was the black one. I love both of them very much. x.x but wasn’t allow to buy them together. Mama say buy one try and see if its comfortable to wear then only decide whether to buy the black ones as well. I choose the white ones than the black color because its more easier when I need to match my clothes and bottom.

I bought the shoe with RM35 after 20% discount by Coey. ^^    

Then I went to walk around and saw the ground floor got this KBOX Singing Competition. I walk by the stage and went to Starbucks. Thought of having one cup of my favorite chocolate cream chip but then again it’s expensive. x.x However, I accidentally bumped into Calvin. He was with his 2 girlfriends. *Pure girl friend only he say* We talk for some time then he went off with the 2 girl friend of him.


My New White Shoe. =D

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Taylor Swift : “This is a song about a girl who loves a boy who loves somebody else”

She can't see the way your eyes will light up when you smile
She never noticed how you stop and stare whenever she walks by
And you can't see me wanting you the way you want her
But you are everything to me

And I just want to show you, she don't even know you
She's never gonna love you like I want to
And you just see right through me but if you only knew me
We could be a beautiful miracle, unbelievable
Instead of just invisible, yeah

There's a fire inside of you that can't help but shine through
But she's never gonna see the light, no matter what you do
And all I think about is how to make you think of me
And everything that we could be

And I just want show you, she don't even know you
She's never gonna love you like I want to
And you just see right through me but if you only knew me
We could be a beautiful miracle, unbelievable
Instead of just invisible

Like shadows in the faded light, oh, we're invisible
I just wanna open your eyes and make you realize

And I just want to show you, she don't even know you
Baby, let me love you, let me want you
You just see right through me but if you only knew me
We could be a beautiful, miracle, unbelievable
Instead of just invisible, oh, yeah

She can't see the way your eyes will light up when you smile

I like this song, whenever I listen to it, its as if singing what is in my heart. T.T

Friday, June 19, 2009


YAY! Finally. After so many nights of not enough sleep, I finally hands in my assignment. Never really audi much due to the assignment and I feel so bad about it. Although I did audi a few rounds to distress myself in between. But really only a few games nia. :x

I want to thanks him for keep urging me about my assignment. He wasn’t really happy lately. I guess I know why bah. Tomorrow then is Saturday le. I feel so scared of tomorrow due to what he had told me earlier. I can’t even be happy when I think of what he said earlier about tomorrow even now I’m free of assignment already.   

Today is my 3rd sis’s birthday. We will have dinner with her as the past years. I really hope him to be happy. He always say “don worry about me”. I would do anything to make him happy lor

I miss the emoticon he use. Especially the xD word. ><

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

L o s t

Lately bad things keep on happening on me. My 2nd sis is angry at me and we have not been talking for the past one week. She’s angry at me because she seeing me emotional not stable but still cares about my friends. At this very moment, I just hope someone would talk to me and comfort me. I need supports and unfortunately there is no one here to support. He is now having a bad mood and I really hope he can cheer up later on.

Will someone just pop up my msn and cheer me up? I really need supports…><

I can’t go through this alone.

God please I beg you to bless me with the good blessings. ><

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ice Cream


Guess what is inside? Its cute right? Dog head as the cover. It’s Japanese product and it is ICE CREAM inside. One small small container with ice cream separately. Cute right? :x

Friday, June 12, 2009

S m i l e =)


人生有多少个十年? Enjoy the life while you all can peeps. Happy or not happy also have to pass the day, so why not choose the happy? And yes it is always easy to say, not easy to do. >.>.


P/s: Feel happy for Ken, May you enjoy your Paris and Italy trip with your gf lar :x

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blur Queen

I totally cannot believe that I actually left my hp in my room.>.> I only realize that when I was in the car where my bro is rushing to drop me off and go for class as well. Things doesn't seem to end this way. I forgot to bring my comb with me and now my hair is so messy and I wish so much to go home and take my hp now. T.T

6 more mins till my class start. Please call me blur queen. >.>

*Not ~BlurQueen~ * but really a blur queen.  .____.

How I wish he could *poke* me when he sees this, but I don think he has the mood to do so anymore. I missed talking to him. =(

Woke up quite early by mama this morning at 615am. They came back from JB le. We went to 富山eat 点心. Stupid msn is driving me crazy again. Been wanting to leave offline message for someone but doesn't seem able to deliver. >.> Fine I'll just send it later on when I'm back at home. I feel like skipping customer service classes later. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I really wants my hp back so much =(

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1 Month

Happy 1 month! It is very silly , cause we are not like together for 1 month or something like that. However, this day means a lot to me. The fastest friend-become-good friend in my history. Even my best friend, It took us half a year to become best friend. I really appreciate this good friend of mine and I just want to say I’ll always be your listener and supporter no matter you’re sad or happy.

However, I’m really a boring and not interesting person. I often bored people easily. But that is something I couldn’t change. How I wish I can be a joker. At least I can cheer people up. There are also people cheered by me in their own way. For example, 2 of my brother-in law. They can be very happy by simply *suan* me cause they know I won’t mad at them and they find it quite fun to *suan* me. I don’t mind to be *suan*, at least I made them happy.

Sorry for being a boring person. T.T

Happy 1 month. =)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Past Tense

I tend to be someone who loves to reviews back all the histories I had back then with some of my friends. Some of them, we just don’t keep in contact, but some of them we still keep in contact, updates each other’s life in msn sometimes. It doesn’t matter its one month once or one week once, as long as we keep track of each other’s life.

I love to wander so much on the msn history I have with everyone in my msn list. Of course, there are a few histories on my favorite list. Like Luna, Jack, Marc, Seal, and Ps. This few person I mention has been my favorite person to talk, especially Luna and Ps. Luna is my god sis, I love her to bits but she’s busy with her life and so we haven’t been talk for months. Ps is my best friend and he’s been supporting me a lot in the past few years and he is still supporting me now but only when he is FREE. I purposely highlighted the FREE word cause he has been super duper busy since he started his uni life. His birthday is soon coming which next month 15th of July. It is also my mei ’s birthday. Gonna find one day go post office and post the present to mei. I bought Ps a watch last year for his birthday. I would really feel so happy if he is wearing it on his birthday. And possible, I might be able to celebrate his birthday together with the Nana gang this year. Maybe together with Ken as well. However it is yet to be confirm.

However, histories can break our heart at times.

Monday, June 8, 2009


For someone who doesn’t wants to read this. =)

I modified it and here it is =)

离开她就好 就算了 心情很干脆






*Quote from Fish Leong de 别再为他流泪*

Friday, June 5, 2009


Sometimes, this world can be really so small. Remembering Judee told me about this guy call Justin. And something to be surprise is that when I was working in Tower Regency Hotel like 3 months ago, there is this guy call Justin as well. He is the technician in WinCom Telephone System company. I can’t really remember what their company name. :x

Every time when something is wrong with the telephony system, we will ring the wincom and tell them to come and check about the telephone system. If serious, Ms. Pearl will come along too. But the usual person whom I deal more with is this guy call Justin as well.

That time, whenever Justin come, he will ask me. “So, what’s the problem today?” Or when I do the talking first, I will look at him and smile and say “I’ve got a present for you” and tell him about which guest complaint that they cannot call through their room or they cannot seem to make call to outside.

Ok how we used to talk is not important. I’m just over bubbly over it. Ok the main thing I’m trying to say that the Justin that Judee knows is the same Justin that works in WinCom. :x

This world really so small. :x

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


How would anyone of you would feel when someone you care for so much tells you that they are stress out talking to you? Whoever knows me well knows I care so much for my kor.

On this day, he told me he is stressed out talking to me. I care for him so much and so when I know he is stressed out talking to me make me feel so sad and the first thing on my mind is of coz I don’t want him to stress. However, I said something wrong with the wrong intention. I realized i have this thing, I tend to say what I really want to say into the wrong meaning and makes people misunderstands my means and got pissed or angry with me.

So I said the wrong thing and everything has became a disaster for me. Kor, I don’t know if you are reading this or not, I just want to say I’m sorry for the words I said. I just don’t want to see you stressing cause of me. We’ve known each other for 5 month plus and I’ve always feel blessed to have know you. I’ve been crying and I only hoped you can treat me as normal friend. I don’t dare to wish for much.

I hope you understands the messages I send to you. We have histories. They will always be in my memories.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

KY Pan

Happy Birthday to Kim Yoong Gor. =)

Still remembering how I know you. We know through a game call Fairy Land. We get to be very close in a short time. You trusted me so much and even give me all your account’s password. You didn’t worry if I’m a hacker or a account cheater and just trust me without suspecting me. I thank you so much for trusting so much in me. =)

Still remember you send me a very touching sms.

You wrote…

每次想跟你说心事的时候, 你总是会扯回你自己的身上,继续说你的故事,真是对你又爱又恨。爱你总是那么淘气可爱,恨你总是那么不解温柔。


Monday, June 1, 2009

Maggie n Alvin’s Birthday

Happy Birthday to another good friend, Maggie Chin Mee Kee. Called her on 13th of May around 00:12am to wish her happy birthday. She was in Genting when I call her. Hope she had a joyful birthday. =)

Happy Birthday to the first guy I confessed my love to in sec school, Alvin Seah Song Yaw. He was the first guy I confessed and luckily not rejected. At least its not a direct reject, it was an indirect rejects. He only treat me as his friend. Called him as well after Mee Kee. Talk for a while and he is an Insurance Agent now. *Bravo clap clap*. He is a architect turned Insurance Agent.

Happy Birthday Once AGAIN to both of them =)

Friendship Forever, Cheers…=)