Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End

after waited for so long...pirates of the carribean 3: at world's end is finally here...

last nite, originally Mr. Tan(my er jie bf) was supposed to watch with my er jie, but unfortunately, my er jie wasn't free to watch...because she got something else to do...therefore, i replaced her place to watch movie with Mr. Tan...

Mr. Tan came to fetch me at 7pm....then we straight go to Jusco foodcourt...

I bought myself a waffer to eat...was quite tasty...after tat we went into the cinema to watch the movie...

overall, this movie was very funny...but the appearance of chow yun fatt really dissapoint if his appearance is just to die in the scene...his name in the movie was call "Sao Feng"...he was the pirates of Singapore...and it makes me feel weird tat how come the singaporean in the movie talks cantonese...
but the real fact is singaporean only talks mandarin, english and hokkien but not cantonese lol~~
however, i feel pity for Will in he's become the captain of the Flying Dutchman...and he only be able to meet his beloved Elizabeth Swan 10 yrs once...><
*no one can be trusted in the pirates world*
there are many scenes in this movie tat are funny...almost everyone inside the cinema laugh happily...i still can remember the scene where they sail into the frozen mountain and the monkey of captain barbossa is shaking...really looks so cute....^^

lately really alot of big movies in the cinema, if not mistaken i just watched spiderman 3 about 3 weeks ago...and now end of may ive watched pirates of the carribean 3...still remember the first time i watch pirates of the carribean 1 on star movie channel 42...ever since then i followed the series of this movie...and i really love johny depp very much....

guess wat ? today is shrek 3's premier...gonna watch it oso i guess...hopefully its nice to watch...^^

ok tats all for now...cheers ppl ^^

Friday, May 25, 2007

wahahaha...finally...i passed~~XD

wahahahaha....finally, i passed my driving able to drive by myself at last....xD

this moment indeed is a great moment in my life...i think later in going to take some photos for my P licence purposes xD

thanks God and my frens for blessing me lor...everything seems to be ok until the parking part...i forgotten a step..then luckily the girl that ready to park after me tells me say tat "leng lui, chor jor ar" then only i notice and quickly do the right steps...(phew) thanks alot to the girl actually...i said thanks to her after tat...^^ im actually counted quite lucky ler...XD

after back from the driving exams, i straight continue my assignment that havent finished...and after the print & bind process, i passed to my lecturer at 2:30pm...and straight head up to genting...cuz my parents is going genting to watch a concert...arrive there already quite late...its about 5:45pm...ordered room service because want to be quick to prepare for the concert at 8pm...

overall this superior deluxe room is quite nice and comes with 2 single bed and a sofa bed beside the window...overnight for a night then went back to ipoh straight at 12:30pm....arrive ipoh at around 5pm because we stop by Bidor to eat "duck drumstick mee*....tats all for this 2 days rushing trip...cheers ppl ^^

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Busy~~ XD

ok i havent been blogging for a time...time to update my life here ~~ xD lately, ive been busy with my assignments and interviews and also my driving test stuffs...><>

God, pls bless me to be passed in the driving test !! XD *Bless Me* Ppls, wish me luck XD

the relationships among our classmates seems to be getting better...same asmy friendship with xiu min...getting better i guess...^^ and im really happy with the situation im having now...almost everytime i went to college, im happy to go...because i know there is a group of ppl who i care about where they also care for me on the same way ^^

and because of going genting, i wont be able to attend yuk thart's bday party, i feel sorry for yuk thart...and will missed the time having fun with them....><

oon ill be able to drive out..then i can go see movies with ah goh them even at nite...xD *Ngek Ngek Ngek* xD some of my frens are having their finals...especially my 3 good frenz - hola, mindy and ps...wish them luck o...gambateh !! ^^

Friday, May 11, 2007

3 Months Training In KL~~

its really been quite a while since i blogged my last post...untill my sis mindy oso ask me why so long havent blog ler...actually i was quite busy lately with my assignments and homeworks...lots of stuff to do lately...sigh~

next week assignment due date ler...have to rush everything...hopefully ill able to finish it in time...ppls...pls wish me luck~~xD

tat day went to old town eat lunch with yuk thart, xiu min and choon chuen...we talked about our training in KL for 3 months...should be quite fun...and xiu min even jokingly says tat after 10pm they will locked the door unless work nightshift...funny ler xD i can feel all of us is looking forward on the training we are going to have...if not mistaken would be around january 2008...perhaps might have chance to hang out or yum cha abit with my kl frens...keke...luna lar, nana, hola, ps, piggie and Bear...he said he'd treat me drink when i go kl...wahahahaha...sound reli fun horr...might can even go shopping with luna and mindy....xD

however, its still so early to think about tat...but we all really looking forward to train there ^^ since yuk thart is helping in finding appartment rent in kl...i asked him to find the area of damansara de lor...cuz luna just live near there...xD since there is only 5 of us going to train in kl...i think probably an appartment with 2 rooms and a living room would be just nice...if anyone of u read this post...can kindly help me research abit about the apartment in kl o...let me know the price and stuffs...thanks^^

till den...cheers ppl XD

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Spiderman 3

Spiderman After On Venom Attached Spiderman Suit~~

on tuesday night, my sister and her bf brought me and my brother together one of their fren eric to jusco to watch spiderman 3...eric fetch us there and we arrive there around 830pm...then we meet up with kit mun goh goh infront of the cinema...and the cinema is full of people wanted to watch spiderman 3...ah jie go buy popcorn and a cup of sprite...and so we went into the cinema which is cinema 4....starting the movie was sweet...cuz its the scene of spiderman cast a web on a tree..and lying on it with mary jane...they both watching the sky together...then mary jane look at spiderman and say:"tell me you love me" spiderman reply with :"I love much" and its a very romantic scene tat it i would say...xD

when they finish kissing...they went down to the ground from the spiderweb...when they both ride the motorcycle, the horrible thing started...a rock fell from a sky...and suddenly a black boucy thingy stick to spiderman de motorcycle plate...and so it went home with spiderman...

i cant reli remember wat happen in the middle part of this movie...however, tat black thingy which is one kind of the parasite...makes ppl addicted to the power it brought to the object they attach on...and its hard to untach too...and its biggest weakness is that they will split when bell rangs...tats how spiderman gets off from the parasite thingy...xD just beside the huge bell in a church...but unfortunately, it fell on a guy call eddie...who is humiliate by spiderman with some bad words while hes attached with the venom parasite in him...pity him though...

ok, for me, the best part of this whole movie is that spiderman and mary jane (MJ) 's best fren harry came to help spiderman in the last minute where venom(eddie with venom attached) and sandman attacks spiderman together...and he ends up died (so sad T_T) when he tried to save spiderman from venom's attack...seriously my tears droped few drops in tat scene...really so touching...we will hardly see that in real life though i guess...sigh...

overall, this movie is a great movie...worth to watch...xD..and i'd give him my rating to be 9 / 10....however, im looking forward to watch Pirates Of The Carribean more interested in that movie compare to spiderman...i love johny depp's acting...xD

till then...cheers xD

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

All My Fault T_T

im feeling soo sad now...very emotion is not stable at all...all this happens after ah goh's reply when i ask him whether they are going out tonight...he reply me with "watching spiderman 3 later*....why didnt they ask me along? why? the reason he reply me was saying cuz they watch it at night...but i can go along oso mar...or this has made them get used to tat i wont be going out at night with them so they direct wont ask me along...wats the meaning of all this then? if he ask i could arrange my own transport...T_T ><"

or perhaps my existence doesnt bring anything to them except for my families...people who know me well knows tat friends is the most important thing in my having this kind of character, the benefits is that ill have quite amount of frens...but the side effect of it which is i can be easily dissapointed by frens of wat they did to me...

just because they think i cant go out at they directly skip asking me about tat...i guess even i'd able to drive already...they wont ask me out oso...but i just feel so sad tonight...i know cant fully blame them for doing so...sigh...blame myself T_T