Thursday, December 5, 2013


It’s been some time since I last on my garena. I used to have a valid reason for that but recently that reason is no longer valid.

I have come to accept the fact of the things we both wanted is so different. You wanted someone who doesn’t mind for nothing serious but feels good to spend time together, stress free kind of companionship, you said. You also tend to goes with feelings nowadays, you said. I wanted a relationship but you wanted companionship. I will never able to give you what you want. I must say I have did the best I can the last time we met up. But I guess things between us just doesn’t work out. Should I thank you for not rejecting me? Anyway that doesn’t really make much difference I guess. I’m already letting you go.  I feel its better for me to distance myself from anything related to you at least for a period of time. Didn’t talk much doesn’t mean we are not friends anymore right? Well I think you don’t really care much about me anyways.

It’s almost been 2 months since we last contact. Spacie say you should able to understand why. I guessed. Thanks to my job actually, cause I was able to occupy my time on work than missing you, but after all, do you even care? I guess not. When you apps me 2 months back asking if I’m inactive in game, my first thought was “hmmm, since when you care?” It may not be so nice to say so but that’s just how you made me feel for the past few months. You will never know how many times I thought of you and the things we did together, especially the way you look at me that night. It sounds funny perhaps now to you cause it might meant nothing much to you. I was silly to have thought that we could be together someday, I really did thought of that before.

I really hope all the best to you despite how we ended up not talking like now. Perhaps this situation is also good for both of us, at least for now.