Monday, March 26, 2007

My Fm Crews Visit Ipoh Parade ^^

things seems to go quite well for me lately...2 days ago, i went shopping with my mom at ipoh untill around 1pm ++...was planning to take those things back to car and then continue shopping as in we bought alot of heavy stuff (body shampoos, hand shampoos and etc)..then saw crowds standing infront of the stage at the ground floor or ipoh parade center after we put our stuff back into the car, we went to the stage and saw the stage is full of MY FM''s in my mom and I are one of the MY FM supporter, therefore we stand there with the crowd too...around 208pm...2 of the famous MY FM DJ - 林德荣 & 颜薇恩 appears on the stage..and everyone shout happily to welcome them both....then after they played few games with the people, they play another game that they will broadcast some part of a song for u to guess which song it is...they choose 4 person to the stage to play this the end if none of the people on stage able to guess the song, they will offer chances to the crowds that is below the stage...untill they broadcast a song where no one else knows it except me, so i just raised my hands up and tell them the song name and the singer of the song...its quite easy for me ler actually xD cuz i listen a lot of songs...the song was Gigi 粱咏琪 de 原来爱情这么伤...its a very nice song and when im listening to this song it makes me feel as if shes singing about her and zheng yi kin...sobs...><" because i guess the song correctly, i get a free Original Jolin Wu Niang Karaoke VCD from My Fm de 林德荣...thx alot to them ler...xD

however, ive took some of the photo of the event tat day...

My Free Original Jolin Wu Niang Karaoke VCD~~^^

Stage Decorated With MyFM Decorations~~

The Pretty Dj 颜薇恩~~

"如花" and "皇上"

Thats all for that day~~ Cheers Ppl ^^

Friday, March 23, 2007

Yay~~~ XD

ok..."someone" complaint tat i update my blog so, im here to update about my life~~

wooohoo~~finally my finals is over and im totally relaxed...however, coming next week is my whole week holiday...*cheers~~xD*...

however, this sunday i will go and listen for driving courses for like 3 hours...after that only discuss when to learn those in im free whole next week, therefore ive planned to learn driving...xD was quite excited to know tat im about to able to drive....i can drive wherever i want...xD *ngek ngek ngek~~XD*

nth more to write on...tats all for now...cheers ppl ^^ have a nice weekend XD

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Finally Passed~~~XD

today is one of the big days in my life i guess...a great moment to share with...cuz after whole day studying about this "undang" booklet, i finally went to my 2nd time exam again together with my younger brother...cuz the first time when we went to take this exam, we we retake...

arrive there at around 1:30pm...waited for like 45 in there are so many people waiting to go in and take the computer test....however, at around turn to take the i went in...did all the questions...and re-checked for like 2 or 3 times...and so i press the button to check my results...and was very suprise to see that i got pass by 45/50....the moment was extremely happy to the time i finish my exam, my brother still doing his i went out and call see meng to tell her about this good news...and shes happy for me too...

but everything turns down when my brother come out from the exam hall...he got only 40/50...and hes in the pass rate is set to be at least 42/ he was so sad and moody...after that we walked to McD to eat our lunch...ive tried to cheer him up...cuz i know he can do it very well...just that his luck wasn't really good lately...GOD PLS BLESS MY YOUNGER BROTHER SO THAT HE CAN PASS IN THE EXAM IN THIS COMING WEEK so that me and him can go learn driving together...

WISH MY BRO LUCK PPL ^^ Cheers~~ ^^

Friday, March 16, 2007

Ice Ice Baby~~

tonight as and my parents together with my younger bro and my 3rd sis went out for dinner...however, we havent decide where to have our dinner....starting was saying to go "Rainbow City"...then my younger brother suggested to go "Xuet Fah Beers"....but we all ends up having dinner at one of the restaurant which is same row as Old Town Kopitiam which is located infront of the Ipoh Field...its call "Ice Ice Baby"... the ambience of this "Ice Ice Baby" is quite good...full with aircons and its actually quite cold inside...ive oso taken some of the pictures of the ambience of this restaurant~~

here are some photos of the ambience of this "Ice Ice Baby"~~
Ice Ice Baby Logo~~

Ambience Inside Ice Ice Baby~~

Foods In Ice Ice Baby~~

*Baby Seafood Mee~~*

*Cheezy Gu Lou Chicken Rice*

*Hawaiian Pizza*

My Own Rating For Ice Ice Baby = 7 / 10 ~ ^^

Thats all for this restaurant~~~

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Haunted House~~

tuesday morning went college around 10:15am...then straight run up to mock-up room...and found that no one is inside the mock-up room....however, i saw Rains not long after that...and she was actually boiling eggs in the THM Kitchen...then i heard alot of sound coming from Room 2.01...and went to see wat is going on...then saw ah goh and kuen yee...everyone dressed so funny...therefore, before anything start, ive taken some pictures with ah goh them...they was acting ghost in their created "Haunted Room"~~

Here are some photos I took~~

Firdaus Dress As A Hollow Man Tat Drags Soul~~Scary~~

Firdaus With His Gf Puteri~~

Me & The Sexy Devil~~xD *Two Joey*

Me & Ah Goh~~

Me & The Pretty Witch Kuen Yee~~

Goh & Kuen Yee

Tats all for now~~cheers ppl ^^

Monday, March 12, 2007


last friday night, the sky rains heavily and comes together with a big wind...and because of the wind, some of my mother's vase falls down and broken into pieces...imagine how big the wind is lol~~xD but in the end this heavy rain finally stop at around 7pm++

at around 730pm, me together with my mom, my eldest sis and her bf and my third sis went to pasar malam to walk walk~~mom bought alot of food...for myself, i bought a newly release taiwanese tv series called "花样少年少女". It was acted by S.H.E de ella and a very hot boy group singer called "飞轮海" de 吴尊跟汪东城...for this movie, i've use 2 days time to finish watching this taiwanese tv series...really worth to watch and worth the price cuz it only cost me RM 10 to buy...else i need to pay RM 79.90 for the original dvd of "花样少年少女"...and the main male character 吴尊 is really so handsome and cute leh...^^

my own rating for "花样少年少女" = 5 stars (*****) ^.^

Thursday, March 8, 2007


just finish watching the last episode of suzuka~~and finally in this episode...she admit her feelings towards yamato-kun...however, the death of kazuki-kun really cause her alot of pain...this last episode is really the nicest episode to watch...and i starting to know why hola like suzuka this character so much...and it is really like how he says about suzuka...tat suzuka is cool...very cool indeed...

yesterday...2 of my fren broke up...*i wont specify the name, but u both know who im saying* it is sad to know but i already tried to help but in the end fails too...wat will happend...alr there is nth i can do anymore...glad to know they still able to remain as best frens...^^

yesterday in college....i met ah goh and we both talked alot...he keep on pursuing me to confess...he says at least ill get an answer but not just wait blindly~~even some of them just say "just confess"~~ but i really dono....i always think alot...those who knows me well...know im a thinker~~haha...puga says tat its because u think too thing cant use brain to think...we must use our heart to decide, not the brain to decide...however, i still nid time to think about it over and over again~~

about andrew...i know he treat me very nice...if i accept him, he will really treat me very good...but unfortunately...yesterday he gave me a feeling somehow hes not the one im looking for...perhaps ill just still young mar rite? i got plenty of time to wait...untill i met the one for me...ppls...just wish me luck ^^

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Everything Back To Normal Again~~

lately...after all important event passed...everyone's life is back to normal again...those who are working, back to work again...those who are having holiday for the past one week...back to Uni or College again~~

yday accidentaly met ah xiang ,karhing and wai kin them at, karhing and ah xiang is already 3 yrs ++ frens...but yesterday when i saw them...we just waved and really sounds like as if we just know for months...sigh...luna say tat sro brought us together...and oso tears us apart..and maybe its true...i feel so distance with them..i don like this at all...hate this process...but just cant help it ><"

mid term exams are coming next week...gotta study alr...if not...wont be able to pass...

last nite shin tong and ah kang come to my house to play mahjong with me...they came around 6pm...we play untill 9:30pm...they should have gone back earlier...but due to heavy rain...they stay untill the rain is stop...which is at 9:30pm...and while playing mahjong...i asked them whether will they confess to someone they like when they know will be rejected for sure...they say they wont confess if they know...i think so too...because there's no point to confess where u know willl be a confirm rejects...however...this morning luna told me...the point of me to confess appears to be the only way that i can stop liking think ill just pick a time to confess..sighhh...i know no one will pity me...

sometimes i hate myself of asking craps...but i just wan to confirm...why cant xiu min just understand? she just seem to treat others better than me...><" i really so useless ...><"