Friday, April 29, 2016

I wish upon a star…

It’s rather quite a long while since I last blogged. Why? I can be a very good writer but nowadays I blog based on my mood. Listening to some jazz music over my JBL dock makes me feel so relax.

It’s 2016 and it should be a good year the moment he ask me to write out the 3 most important question in my life. He said he will hold my accountability of those goals I set. I guess he doesn’t care about me at all.

Wait! No more talking about him….!

No matter how young I looked, I guess age has finally catch up. I fall asleep quite early nowadays. Back in the days where I can audi until late night at 3am. Now? I’d feel sleepy when it hits 12! Hahahaha

Anyway, Ivan came back to Malaysia last Saturday morning. His first stop is meeting up with the animals in KL. He came back to Ipoh on Sunday and I pick him up at around 915pm then fetch him to the “Tong Sui Kai” but his favorite Wan Ton Mee is closed. He ends up eating Cheong Kei Beef Noodles.

We went to The Deck after that. Finally met up with his little Kai Mui, Chee Kuan :) together with his ex housemate Zion and Chee Kuan’s sister, Belle. :) It was the pre-ROM night for Chee Kuan. Honestly I feel so envy of her that she’s marrying a Pilot :)

I wonder to myself, when will it be my turn? When will it be my guy to be appear in my life? I’m so tired of searching and hoping already. I realize I don’t reply those who doesn't message me much. I’m not gonna waste a minute on those who don’t bother to reply.

May the love of my life appear soon in my life <3