Saturday, February 14, 2009

V-Day Photos ^^

Me and My Hot Chocolate With Cream ^^

Me and Ian Ting

See Meng and Me

See Meng, Ian Ting and Our Food ^^

See Meng and Food ^^

Valentines 2009

Happy Valentines Day Peeps...^^

Valentines Day is a day full with warm and sweet feelings. Almost all of the couples in the world celebrates it together and having sweet moments on this special day. For me its has been always the same except for the valentines of 2007, which I receive my first bouquet of roses which consist of 22 roses because 22 is my birth date. Andrew ask me to be his valentines. But I didn't accept it. I don't like him when he ask me to be his valentines. So better don't waste people's time lor ^^.

However, this year I celebrate valentines day together with my best friend see meng, Ian Ting, and Jin Hao. I just know this guy about 1 or 2 weeks ago. Can't really recall. He was a friend of see meng when see meng study in Polytechnic Bukit Mertajam. I would say he is really a funny guy. I was so happy laughing talking to him when the first time we met. Because of they keep saying about my salary is RM400, he creates a nickname for me, which is RM400. lols.

Around 2:30pm, I've reach Jusco *thanks a lot to my bro, love ya ^^*. I went to meet up with see meng and Ian Ting at Kbox Embassy's Entrance. Not long after that, Jin Hao reach. We got our room no. then went straight to the room and start to sing. It was so fun singing. And I sing like nobody's business. lol. Since Jin Hao is the only guy in the room, any duet song, we will just ask him to sing as the guy and one of us sing the girl. 走火入魔 is one of my all time favorite song and me and jin hao duet in this song. It was very happy. ^^

I got praise cute by someone. Keke. Thanks Hor ^^

We went to hair clip shops to see for hair accessories after the sing-k session. Me and Ian Ting was busy choosing and trying mini hair clips on our hair. Half way, Jin Hao says he wanna leave already because he has to attend his friend's one-night-before-wedding dinner. After that we went to Dennis to have our dinner then we went home after that.

That's all for now. =)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Work Life

Recently I get to know that my only guy best friend actually blogs! Honestly I was quite surprised that he blogged. However, its something good for me though, at least I get to know about what is happening in his life. He has been soo busy with his studies and somehow his uni life really seems to stressing him out. I pray to God that he will get a quite not bad results in his Biotech lor...hope God bless him ^^

Been working since 5th of last month, which I didn't wrote it out due to my lazyness lol. It is a very new hotel in Ipoh. It is called the Tower Regency Hotel & Apartments. Not a fully hotel but also a business building in some of the floors. Maybe a shopping arcade in the near future? Lets just wait and see...

My job is to be an reservationist at FIRST. But then due to my back office is not *done* yet, so I'm assigned to be on the reception counter. Basically all of us are multi-tasking. We are the *Receptionist* cum *Reservationist* cum *Telephone Operator* cum Cashier. Lols...and oh yeah, added one more recently, Human Resources Coordinator. Because people tend to call our hotel number to ask for vacancy.

Last month we have been trained to use the IFCA system to do check-in, check-out and reservation for the hotel. Then there is this guy here call Davis. He's the software consultant of this IFCA system. He's also is the *3 days teacher* for our IFCA system and they come from Penang. He came together with his Boss, Mr. Viva Liang. Talking about this Mr. Viva, he looks so alike with Simon, but slightly taller than Simon. =P Mr. Davis is a quite funny guy. I must say he brighten up my day every time I see him. Because he likes to kacau me cause I tend to get him *vomit blood* when I ask him about the IFCA system. ^^" but overall he's a good and patience guy. Patience enough to explain to me over and over again no matter what I ask him on IFCA System. xP

Something surprised me one day last month when I was going for lunch, I accidentaly bump into a man together with one of my collegue, and he look at me and asked *Why are you here?" After I told him why I'm here, he asked me and say "you're my neighbour right?" I got shocked and didn't reply him and he just walk pass me. Later on, I got to know that my neighbour is actually one of the owner of the hotel I'm working for. lols. What a coincidence. Roughly 2 weeks after that, I saw some familiar face. And It was one of my pre-schoolmate, Yuet Meng's parents. They are one of the owners of this hotel too. ^^ Lucky for me huh? ^^

Since the day I got interviewed by my Front Office Manager, when I got introduced to the Hotel GM Mr. Michael Cheong and also his Personal Assistant, Nicholas Liew, I was already so fancy about him. He's not handsome type of guy, but somehow he looks very cute to me ^^. Thanks to his glasses, made him looks so cute. ^^ He's wearing those kind of glasses which 方大同 wears ones. Looks cute and good on him ^^. Lately we began to talk more. Not so much lar. But we are talking like a friends now. That's what I think. He will smile and me and talk to me. On tuesday-10/2, near to 330pm, we all are busy counting cash and passing over all the things to the afternoon shift. He came by as usual. I saw him counting the staffs in the front desk. And then he ask "how come so many ppl at the counter?" I knew he will ask when I saw him counting earlier. So I answer him "Me and my another collegue is about to go back already." He smiles at me and say "lei gum fai zao zhao meh?" i ask him "zhou meh?" he smiles and walk is quite fun by this way than serious all the time..=P

Thats all for now. Will update again if I'm not lazy...=P..

Monday, February 9, 2009

Luna Dearie Sis..

today was my dearie's sis luna's birthday...
its been months since she last accept my calls or reply my msg...
untill today I have totally no idea why is she ignoring me...
i mean...die oso need a reason mah...
i didnt know what to do but I really hope that she wont ignore me anymore...>
knowing her is the best thing tat happend in my life...i will always remember the forever friends bear she gave me as my birthday present...its written *Forever Friends*....ive just send her a voice sms...hope she listens...and my best friend actually blogs...and i dono a thing about it untill i go and read mindy's blog...why must all kek sim things haf to happend in one day?? it is soo cruel to me u know?? ><....dearie....i really missed u sooooo much....><
piggie, if u happend to read this, please msg me on msn...i need ur help...><>...