Friday, June 29, 2007

Perak Traders Association Expo Fair 2007

few days ago, there is a fair happens to held in our state de stadium~~an expo actually...and there are loads of people went to this expo...nth much to buy actually...just walking around with my parents and my eldest sis...and was happy know is tat every stall tat are selling food, got free food tasting =P

this expo was held becoz of perak traders association celebrating their 100th years anniversary..there are like 400++ stalls selling their, paips, fishes, tanki, shoes, oil, water, and lots of other stuff...
the most interesting part is tat we found out in another part of the expo, even Mercedes-Benz are stalling...but its outside the stadium since the car is big...they showed 3 model of Mercedes-Benz...and 3 of them are very gorgeous...very yeng and with a very expensive price...

there are 3 mercedes total are being displayed..but i only took photo of 2 of the mercedes..cuz another one wasnt really impress me...xD

according to the person incharge at the Mercedes stall, CLS 350 cost about RM730k ++....its super expensive lor... and i don really think i can earn tat alot in my dream on ba...xD however, the interior in this car wasnt really good least me and my mom doesnt like it...because the seats are only design for 4 person...which include driver seat, the seat beside driver, and 2 more seat for back passenger)...however lar, the exterior still impressed me alot...xD

*CLS 350*

another model of mercedes tat showed was S 350 L...which i call it as "the phoenix eye" idea why i call it tat...maybe its because of the eye of this car really looks like the eye of a phoenix? lol~~ hmm...the price of this car really shocked me cuz i expect CLS class of mercedes should be more expensive than S class...but the truth is this S 350 L actually cost more expensive than CLS 350...the price of this car was actually RM755k...really so so expensive le...

*S 350 L*

another car distributor BMW was stalling oso...they showed BMW 5 Series, BMW 7 Series, and this cute model of BMW BMW 1 series...its not cheap oso...but cheaper than Mini Cooper...Mini Cooper oso cost at least RN200k++...this one cost RM168k...whew~~all so expensive only dream about it...wahaha...however, all of these arent my dream car current dream car is MYVi....u all might laugh at me about my thinking now...however, for people like me who never own a like this de lor...xD...but, who cares? xD as long as im happy with it...xD

*BMW 1 Series*

thats all the photo i took during this fair...cheers ppl ^^

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Feel Relief After Confession~~

Finally~~last nite, i did something i never thought i would do~~my confession towards him~~

to do so, i need alot of courage...real alot of courages...cuz for people like me, i will just normally keep in my heart...after all hes just another guy i secretly adores...

but...i have a group of great fren...which is alex and ps and my dearest god sis luna...they support me in doing so...and i could say most of my supports are from them...they've been expecting me to confess long time ago, just tat i wasnt really well prepared yet...till yesterday nite, they all are there for me...and so i confessed to him...

hes a smart guy...guess he knows wat im going to say after i said "actually there is something i wanted to tell u long time ago..." to him...starting he was like running away...try to avoid me...however, thanks alot to my best fren...put so much effort in helping me by asking him to give me an answer and tell me everything...

after i said tat phrase, he didnt reply me...and i was already so nervous...and my tears even...falls down...
however, maybe ive expected to be crying...i didnt cry for long...just like maybe 20mins...(i don think tats long lol) hes the 3rd guy i ever cry for in my life...hopefully there wont be 4th guy for me to cry for...wahahaha xD

and finally, he replied with "o.o?" then i reply him with "i just wan to tell u that, i like you, tats all" cant imagine those few simple words which i could normally type in just 10secs would be so hard at tat very moment...and of coz, the confession wasnt successful...he told me that now he don feel like having relationship untill hes 21 yrs the answer was a NO however...i just wish him all the best and ask to become one of his close fren...he said we both already are close fren since last tat i just chat with him everything i don dare to chat in the past....i even told him tat i felt so relieve after confessing to him~~and he say its

however oso, din regret in liking him for so long...he said im "zhuan qing"(loyal to love) lol~~something like

however, things ended in a quite conformtable way...and starting last nite, ps become my new best frens where hes became my close frens...=D good ending rite? =D

i think i wont be able to accept others in a period of, my god sis luna, and ah goh...3 of us needs time to recover...and im happy for my god sis...cuz she finally settle with angel...lets recover together...gambateh ne~~!! ^^

till then, cheers ppl ^^

Sad Song T_T

Last nite, this song turn my tears drop into cries...T_T

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Overnight of See Meng ^^

see meng(my bestfriend) was supposed to come to my house on thursday nite...unfortunately, her father is not free tat nite to fetch her to my, she came on friday around 3pm~~

June 22nd, Friday,
as usual, we talked alot...share alot of stories together...
lend her my comp to do some of her stuff...
untill around 7pm++...went downstairs to eat dinner with my family then watch tv a while...

untill 8pm++,my younger bro fetch me and her out (becuz don wan parking lol~~)
bought alot of food and stuffs...stop at ah tong's bubble milk tea stall to buy bubble milk tea from her while chatting with her...and also wanted to ask her to help my cut my hair...i wanted to cut a short layout...wanna get a fresh hair style...^^

see meng order a champagne flavour, i ordered apple flavour
first time try apple flavour...the taste oso not bad ^^ and i packed one strawberry flavour for my brother~~ untill 9:30pm++, called my bro to fetch us... eaten all the suppers i bought and so full...then we went upstairs to continue our talkings...

see meng wanted to intro me to his fren's bro...starting see meng was just joking,
then his fren treat it as real...funny nia lol~~we both talk talk talk untill 12:30am++...see meng so we both sleep~~

June 23rd, Saturday,
wake up quite late in the morning, when truly wake up, already 10:30am~~
after the face washing and teeth brushing session, see meng went downstairs to eat the "ba zhang" made by my mom...where i still chatting with my frens on skype and msn~~was having quite fun conversation with luna, hola and ps~~

in the chat room, i heard tat there is a "the next hola gf audition" going on...dono whether hes just joking or wat...however, tat time when he says someone ask for the no1 of the number to que to become his gf? i was wondering in my heart...whos tat someone tat ask for the number 1? lol really no idea le...maybe is one of his female frenz...but i guess defintely not those girls from his uni ones...^^" no matter how, just wish him good luck in tat lar...=D

luna even ask me to accompany her to join this "next hola gf audition"...and yet need requirement though...talents and stuff...then i told luna, im not talented..luna said find gf no nid look for the most talented ones, and ho replies with "yea normally i choose for the most stupid one" lol...funny nia the whole conversation~~lol...after all, he might be just joking lar...hahas~~lol...after tat i went downstairs to eat the cheese sausage bun i bought last nite...

see meng brought his hair straighterend clip she help me clip my hair...and its really straighter alot...xD...however, it only last for a while...after bath, the hair will back to the normal condition~~then see meng been using my comp to do her stuff again...from 3pm++ untill 6pm, then we went down to have our dinner and took some photo together...

Here are the photos we took~~ lol xD

tats all for now...cheers ppl =D

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Le Meridien

been thinking for months tat I will be trained in Hilton KL, suddenly change place pula =.="

the place to have my industrial training changed to Le Meridien, which is a building next to Hilton KL

we've planned to rent house near brickfields...

and ive been told in the duty roaster in the house we are renting,

ill be responsible to clean the whole house (hopefully the house wont be so big lol~~xD)

we'll be going kl to rent house and pay deposit around nov 15th-30th...and start moving stuff aftertat...

so, anyone of u if got time, feel free to come and help me out by tat time =P

h0pefully able to yum cha with u all oso...shud be quite fun i think~~XD

tats all for now...cheers ppl =D

Monday, June 11, 2007

Puga Belated Bday Celebration~~

today around 1pm went to Filling Station Greentown to celebrate Puga's belated bday...unfortunately, when i arrive there, they already finish i just order a water melon juice...

during drinking my melon juice, xiu min and choon chuen seem to be so sweet (a lil too sweet already lol~~)...they are acting as if in the restaurants only left 2 of them...perhaps in the couple's eye, they only have each other...

when all of us finish our lunch, me and xiu min went to KBOX Ipoh Parade to sing k where choon chuen, yuk thart and puga went to Imax Greentown to Da Gei (Dota)

we went to kbox, got us a room which is no. 38 de room...sang many songs...sang the last song which is "bei ji xing de yan lei" by nichoclas teoh untill 4:30pm...choon chuen calls arrived..asked xiu min to fetch him at Filling Station...when we arrive there, only left choon chuen...puga and yuk thart were gone already...

however, have some fun today...cuz i likes to sing k so much...just no one to sing with...and at the same time, i took some photo...and because its the quality of the photo wasnt really good..=P

Xiu Min Singing~~

Me & Xiu Min~~

Xiu Min New Hairstyle~~ (Straightened and Layout Cutted)

Sunday, June 10, 2007


read a book written by "zhang xiao xian" ++ 张小娴 ++

the name of the book is call "tie shen gan jue" ++ 贴身感觉 ++

i love to read books tat are written by her,

because they are meaningful and true...

the first chapter of this book is about a title on

"keep on waiting for you"

in this chapter, she says tat...

"knowing that there is no hope,

but still hope in bottom of the heart",

all this are uncontrollable"

in chinese is,

* 无可奈何,却心存期盼,一切都身不由己 *

really feels that this few phrases,

really suits the situation im having now...

how sad lol ><"

x 一直都在等你 x

Friday, June 8, 2007

Mid Term Break~~

next week is my mid term break...we've planned to celebrate puga's bday on monday...after tat only we discussed about how are we going to spend our 1 week holidays...xD

lately, some of my frens are having exams...i know watever i said couldnt help anything, but i really wish u all good luck in u all de exams....add oil o ^^

tml its my one of my pri-school fren's 20th bday...he invited me to his bday party at his house which is near the place infront of perak tong...ill be going to it with shin tong...but i havent buy presents yet...i wonder, wat color does guy likes? any suggestions or comment, do let me know ^^

tats all for now...XD

My Bibi Girl...isn't she pretty? xD (shes like a bride ^^)