Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Valentines Till Chinese New Year~~

lately, alot of events happend, from valentines untill chinese new year...on valentines, received flowers from andrew...he send me 22 roses for RM 99...22 is my birthdate...tats why he send me 22 roses...

before wrapped...

after wrapped.....

this yr's chinese new year very special, on saturday, my 3rd aunt bring her 2nd son and comes with my youngest auntie and her family...they arrive around 12:30pm...we having lots of fun gathering mar...sure so happy...somore my mom cooked a lot of delicious food...yummy xD...but the most happy thing is that I received a lot of ang pows...xD
here are some photos i took during cny...xD

Home Made Wan Tan Mee By My Mom^^

My 2 Cute Little Cousin~~ Zi Ying

& Zi Man

Both Zi Ying & Zi Man~~

My Younger Cousin Brother Zheng Yee With Bibi~~~

this yr is the first year bibi celebrating chinese new year with on 年初二 we brought bibi along to
北海 to visit 姑婆...she cooked alot of delicious food for our arrivings...the most delicious ones of coz is sambal prawn...xD reli reli delicious ler...xD

along the way to 北海, bibi was so sleepy...she looks like this in the car...

ill update more often in the future...tats all for now...cheers and happy cny ppl ^^

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

What Should I Do?

liking reli an unexpected things that happend...i didnt think before that i'll like him one day...still remember...the first day i know him in sro, i asked him why he don hv gf...and summore ask him wat is his requirement for the gals he wants and i said ill help him to find one~~untill today, his requirement still the same...but something new added which i cant fullfill it as in im in ipoh...

many bad things happen to me today...and just now when my parents fetch me home, i got scolded for no reason...i got pissed and came home...and finally i cant take it and i cried~~at this sudden moment, i suddenly felt like don want to wait for him anymore....I just...doesnt seem to stand any chance...and im really suffering...i bet even he reads this, he wont do anything...untill i confess to him directly~~~

last nite andrew smsed with me...till like 12am++...and he remembers every single word i say to him...and he say every single sms i sent him brighten his day and makes him smile even b4 open my sms when he knows the sender was me~~

I told andrew that i might need more time to face him...cuz i cant face him now yet, maybe becuz b4 this he scared me...and he said he rather to wait me than receving bad news from me~~

i reli dono wat to do....pls...anyone...tell me wat should i do? ><"

Monday, February 5, 2007

One Day Trip In Pg~~

Y'day woke up around 730am....prepared everything then went into the car at around 830am to get ready to pg~~~ at around 10:15am, we arrive queensbay mall then we parked our car and went down to the center point of queensbay mall...this mall is a newly opened mall...there are still many empty shop lot yet to be rent~~
but lar, there are oso many other shops tat is opened~~

some of the shops name in this queensbay mall which i still can remember are De' Cupid, Add-On, and Espirit.
At around mother's favourite 2 taiwanese actor - 王识贤 & 李兴文 appears in the center of the mall...when they appears...the crowds are shouting to welcome them...and they choose 5 ppl to the stage to play some games with them where my mom appears to one of the lucky person they chosed...

3 lady and 2 guy was chosed to play the game....the game is actually need ppl to sing the 意难忘's song...and my mom appears to be the one who sing the best in the my mom won the game and 王识贤 gave my mom a necklace by helping my mom to wear it on...i can see my mom's face...shes really so happy...and im happy for her too..

at around 330pm...both of 王识贤 & 李兴文 went to backstage alr and prepare to leave...therefore i go shopping alone in the mall...this mall is actually quite newly opened....therefore there aren't any network coverage in this mall...and this cause my dad can't find me...but luckily in the end i met them accidentaly...during shopping, ive took some of the valentines present which are selling as in valentines is just around the corner...ive bought myself a new shoe as in my old shoe is spoiled~~it cost around RM50

so after tat we went to gurney drive to eat our and my mum ordered kuey teow t'ng to eat as in their soup is really different from ipoh ones...and its really so 3rd sis ordered penang dad ordered char kuey teow....

thats all for this one day trip in Pg....cheers ppl^^

Saturday, February 3, 2007

All Still In Questions~~

today, my mum finally bought her phone which she say want to buy long time ago which is Samsung D900 which cost her about RM649~~its a 3.0 megapixel the price is consider as quite ok...

tonite will be a boring nite for me as in luna, nana, piggie, ps, hola, kinz and some of their other frens went to have buffet together at around 6pm~~so at around 6:40pm, i smsed luna and ask her to enjoy her buffet with them...i wish i could be there with them...somore they are going to luna's house to9 after the buffet...must be fun...but i know i wont have the chance to do so~~sigh~~

this month actually is a quite important month for me which will become my decision whether or not to accept andrew...silly huh? such a hillarious plan...if the results of the observation ends up to be negative, i might either decline or accept him..but im not sure let's just see hows the observation go on~~ untill end of next month, no matter good or bad answer, ill have to give an answer to him as wat ive promise him...

yday conference with luna for like 30 mins...we talked alot of things...or mayb shes right with the "maybe he just wan to be frens with you" i actually don mind waiting, but the thing is, do i stand a chance? when luna said tat to me, the first thing on my mind was "no confession will be made~~" who knows he might not talking or chatting with me anymore after he declines me? if its really like that, i rather not to do this confession...haihh...

all still in questions~~~
no matter how, cheers ppl^^