Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010

World Cup.

Sent my dear pinky to the *hospital*, hopefully she can recover as soon as possible :)

Temporary the issues is solved, everything seems to be so peaceful in the office now. I fall sick on Wednesday night and so my mom took me to the clinic. Vomited for the first time right before I was about to get into the car. Luckily I grabbed a plastic bag earlier as a preparation in case I vomit suddenly.

Feel sooo much better after vomited for the first time. Went into the car after that and went to clinic. Waited for 45 mins till my turn to get treatment from the doctor. This time was his wife, Dr. Tan. She’s a very kind and patience doctor *her husband is kind and patience too, just that she’s more detail in terms of explanation =p*

I got flu, slight fever, sore throat, and gassy stomach. Gave me 4 type of meds and got one day mc. Today is the day our centre to start renovation and we will be temporary using the marketing’s side office as our temporary office for the customers.

Tonight the match is gonna be excited. Germany Vs Argentina. Who will win? HAHAHAHA! No one knows. Because the results nowadays are totally OUT OF EXPECTATION =p

Good Luck to any team that wins :)

Cheers People :)

Success Mirror Shot =p