Thursday, December 5, 2013


It’s been some time since I last on my garena. I used to have a valid reason for that but recently that reason is no longer valid.

I have come to accept the fact of the things we both wanted is so different. You wanted someone who doesn’t mind for nothing serious but feels good to spend time together, stress free kind of companionship, you said. You also tend to goes with feelings nowadays, you said. I wanted a relationship but you wanted companionship. I will never able to give you what you want. I must say I have did the best I can the last time we met up. But I guess things between us just doesn’t work out. Should I thank you for not rejecting me? Anyway that doesn’t really make much difference I guess. I’m already letting you go.  I feel its better for me to distance myself from anything related to you at least for a period of time. Didn’t talk much doesn’t mean we are not friends anymore right? Well I think you don’t really care much about me anyways.

It’s almost been 2 months since we last contact. Spacie say you should able to understand why. I guessed. Thanks to my job actually, cause I was able to occupy my time on work than missing you, but after all, do you even care? I guess not. When you apps me 2 months back asking if I’m inactive in game, my first thought was “hmmm, since when you care?” It may not be so nice to say so but that’s just how you made me feel for the past few months. You will never know how many times I thought of you and the things we did together, especially the way you look at me that night. It sounds funny perhaps now to you cause it might meant nothing much to you. I was silly to have thought that we could be together someday, I really did thought of that before.

I really hope all the best to you despite how we ended up not talking like now. Perhaps this situation is also good for both of us, at least for now.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


说不在乎,也以为一点都不在乎。当听到他的消息时,突然间,想念他了。 不知道这样算不算不争气?又或许因为昨晚的梦?很混乱…可是又如何?他根本不在乎我嘛…

Sunday, September 8, 2013


不懂从何开始, 喜欢在写blog的时候听这首歌





那几天的相处我是很开心 有人会说:太主动了吗?


思想的东西不一样 要的东西也变得不一样了






我曾经告诉自己,努力的争取与付出,无论结果如何,只能 leave it to fate

毕竟说的时候简单 到真正要做的时候,其实蛮难的。。。

Saturday, August 24, 2013

抽身而退, 不简单


Sunday, August 18, 2013


即时有多么的无奈, 又能怎样? 都已经告白过了

在我的立场, 我可以做的, 都做了, 我可以说我是真的努力过了

其余的, 也只能 leave to fate.



Wednesday, July 24, 2013


迷迷糊糊的就喜歡上一個人,這不是喜歡上這個人,而是喜歡戀愛的感覺。一個人對自己好一點,就喜歡上了, 也不是真正的喜歡,只是喜歡上這份好。這時,會把開心與否,全部寄托在戀情上,寄托在心上人身上,自己的心,是隨對方情緒起伏不定,左右搖擺的,自己毫無辦法,沒有主動權,這就是在愛裏迷失。

真的 很贴切

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Yes I Love You

Love You Love You May I Love You.

手已經圍好城堡 心也已經備好浪潮
我所給你的微笑 不只微笑

Love you Love you Yes I love You

我只去 你想要去的天涯

Monday, July 15, 2013

我没有你女神那么性感 没有鬼鬼那么可爱 更没有米可的身材,但我想他们都是虚幻的,只有我是真的哦! 我只有一颗喜欢你的心~

Thursday, June 27, 2013



Wednesday, June 26, 2013

If only you know…

I wished for many things in my life. But at this very moment, my wishes lies in you. A lot of times, I really wish I am there to share with you. Small wishes that you will never know, because I won’t say it out in front of you.

I don’t want to overthink things. I just wish things could just remain as it is like now.

No matter how much worries I have, I can only do the best thing by being myself as usual~ After all, I am just me. =/ Not sure what I’m trying to say. I don’t seems to get tired talking to you. How I wish I could just tell you how I feel at this moment. I start to ask myself, “can we be more than just friends?” “is it possible?” because I feel comfortable around you. I have to say not many people can make me feel that way. You’re probably the 2nd person who can make me feel this way. Never knew how strong it is until something happened. I feel threatened by it. I am worried. But then again, what can I do but quietly blogging while listening to yiruma’s song hope it can calm me.  My first confession to you. =/


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ubah, Ini Karilah?

A very hot and powerful slogan which recently very popular due to our country election tomorrow, 4 years once. For as long as I lived, I never experienced such huge urge for us Malaysian who wanted a change of government so badly. Everyone in the world, every Malaysian, which also including actors, singers and entertainers are coming back from all around the world, just for tomorrow’s big event.

Sadly, I was not eligible to vote. I pray hard for tomorrow’s election,

“This is the Curry! ” =P

We went to eat steamboat to celebrate Tuck Leong’s birthday. Took a picture and tagged him together with See Meng and Kar Ling and Jin Hao in facebook, written:


Due to what happened for the past one week, I have learnt a big lesson, think thoroughly of every decision you made, weight the pros and cons, and also be careful of what we wished for. Every action comes with a consequences needed to bear, HOWEVER, Decision has been made ! I will go according to my plan for sure !

I know what my heart wants and I will follow it !

Sunday, March 31, 2013



時光滴答著,值不值得 真心愛的 
月光太清澈,照著我一個人輾轉翻側 放了,
我會試著快樂 放了,我就值得快樂

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I will...

I promised myself I will find someone who pei me to mayday concert next year ! :/ I dono how long I need to get over him but I know someday I will let him go completely. I miss my dii I'm missing my colleague , I feel so lonely :(