Thursday, January 31, 2008

My New Gang

Ah Fai



Qin Wan


Ah Sen

New Gang In Dorsett Regency KL

from knowing almost no one in this hotel, untill get to know a group of friends...its been new gang in the hotel are including...albee, ah sen, chee weng, catherine, mei yin, qin wan, grace, aida, yean, jeen yee, and roy...we all will sms each other to get to lunch together...go out together...we always chit chat during lunch time and had a happy time in the cafeteria although the food is still ok only...i think ill be missing them for sure when my training ends at march...we must plan something to celebrate for the finishing of our trainings...hopefully we will always remember the day we training together...cause its really been so fun...tat day when i was clearing the table and ah sen was patroling at the buffet counter...he smile at me...and a day after tat, while i was still setting the table for lunch, he blek at me...and he looks so cute when he did tat...i just smile back at him...i feel so glad tat i get to know all of my new gang...and thx to roy, hes been fetching me back to my apartment since monday...he's really a good guy who likes to sing and likes Fang Da Tong's songs...=p

chinese new year is coming next week...and am glad tat i'd be able to go back to ipoh for 5 days...ill be back to ipoh on 4th..on 7pm bus...and will be back on 9th 3pm bus...hopefully everything will be fine and i can go back to ipoh asap...hehehe...

off day is boring when u off alone...been working in checkers cafe since last sunday...everything seems to be quite ok...not as scary as i tot it will be...the 3 main thing tat needed to be done everyday in checkers are including:

1. Clearing
2. Wipe the tables
3. Do the table settings

this 3 things sounds to be so easy but when u do it, its not as simple as tat...everything have to follow the standard operation procedures...our checkers de boss is Mr. Liaw...another senior staff tat i get to know at there is ah fai...hes been working in checkers for 3 years time and hes really a very helpful senior staff..some of other permanent staff also taught me alot of dayang, syafiq, farhad and fazwan (morning shift)...

tats all for my recent life...cheers ppl =)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Reviews Of Year 2007 heart become so peaceful...not feeling to like anyone anymore...but of coz lar...its not permanently...just temporary bah...hmmm...finally its 2008...a brand new year with brand new hope...hopefully everything goes fine with me in this brand new year...cause last year been a lousy year for me...

Good Things In 2007

  • Er Jie & Mr. Tan got engaged and registered
  • receive 22 roses from andrew during valentines day
  • went to genting
  • me and ps become best friend
  • me and chang meng become best friend
  • went to tasik temengol
  • celebrated ps bday in BBQ Plaza One-U
  • celebrated piggie's bday in Chillis Mv
  • had earlier bday party in Ipoh
  • Got a laptop from daddy as birthday present
  • sir went to uk to further his study in getting a master in hospitality management

Lousy Things In 2007

  • not doing well in studies even though study so hardly
  • had some friendship problem with xiu min
  • finally brave enough to confessed to hola but got rejected
  • mom went into hospital
  • greatgrandmother pass away
  • dad fell down and his backbone abit broken
  • celebrated own bday alone in apartment
these are the things i can remember for the whole year of 2007...hopefully the list for good things will be more and the list of lousy things will be less or the best to be none...XD

my life in kl has been so far so good...i've start to get adapted to the lifestyle in kl...its been almost one month since my training started...from the first day ive been train in housekeeping department untill now left 3 more days to be trained in housekeeping department...felt relieve to be able to meet nice nice ppls in housekeeping department which are so helpful and kind like kak yati, kak nora, mr rajan,
rudy@rudi, kak nelly, kak liza, kak aminah, ikon, abang shamsee, my pa senior, rifky linen senior kak wati and many more...they all are such nice person i've met in housekeeping department...