Wednesday, December 17, 2008


7 days more to my birthday.
it will be my 21st birthday.
feel so fast though.
there are things which can only be done when ure 21 years old.
1. get into the casino
2. can be legally register for marriage.
3. register for election
things i wanna do?
a. go into a casino.
(not going to play lar, just to have a look oni. xD)
b. go clubbing for at least once.
(ive never clubbing before...can u believe that? lols)
21 years old is the starting of a new chapter of our life.
ok back to my burfday.
celebrating birthday alone is not an good experience.
i will always remember how i celebrated my birthday last year in kl.
celebrated alone.
i cried.
i still remember.
on december 21'07 nite
around 10pm, ps called me.
he said they will come and fetch me for dinner tml night which is my birthday nite.
i was da*n happy at that very moment when he said tat.
i can assure u i was.
we talked for a while and he hang up.
a while later, he called me back.saying the plan is canceled due to *Goh Tong*.
every year my birthday falls on *Goh Tong*and my mood tat nite is like riding a roller coaster.
i was on the ground.
suddenly a roller coaster pick me way up high.
then suddenly went down straight.
knowing nothing can be done.
i can only cry by myself.
all my house mate havent come back from work.
and worst come to worst, no one pick up my calls.
which makes me even more sad.
why didnt i ring my family? i don wan them to worry about me.
tat was my worst birthday experience ever.
i will never wan it to happend again nor happend to any of my friends.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Watched Twilight with Melinda and Kuan Chee Hoe.

This movie is totally awesome.

And I love edward very much *shy*

I can say this is the most romantic movie I've ever watch.

Meeting back with Kuan Chee Hoe was ok.

Feel quite dissapointed that he don't even remember who I am. -.-

However, I'm so happy to gather with Melinda after 10 months. *Last met was on Feb'08 in KL*
And It was my first time to watch movie untill 1am++.

We even went to Halo Cafe and I accidentaly saw someon looks so much like kar hing. lols.
The movie starts at 11:20pm and ends at 1:20am.

PS: I Love Edward Cullen~~ XP