Thursday, July 28, 2005

a nice and a happy gathering^^

Last nite, I have a gathering dinner with michael,eric,eza,pui ghee,gaya,jude,sangeetha,seelan,and britini at a place called mp which is a place specially for steambot^^. I went mp at around 8pm..I sit next to michael as in he ask me to^^...seelan sit on my right hand side, continue with eric,jude,britini,gaya,pui ghee, sangeetha and eza and michael. We have our dinner untill around 9:30pm..we paid up our bill which cost RM 220+(which is each person hv to pay up to RM22.90) and then we went out to the outside of the mp to continue chit chat. This time the place is changed. Jude sit next to me,pui ghee at my right hand side,continue with gaya,eza's sis,eza,sangeetha,michael,and eric.

Eric,michael,and jude ordered a jug of beers which cost them RM40+ and contained 6 bottles of beers. Pui ghee drink a cup of beers,and her face growing red. We was worrying whether can she drive home safely. Along the whole nite, we chat alot of funny topics and all of us were so happy. And of cos the rumours are not less than how it used to be, starting they keep saying michael with susan and michael told me not to believe in them..wkakaka...=P.. then its the rumours between britini and gaya...and the next which is happend to me and michael...hahahaha....eza ask me a questions infront of me and michael,she ask me do I like michael...and I answer of cos not...and they starting to talk about susan...whahah...wat a funny nite^^...We chit chat untill 11:20pm,they decided to leave. Eric and Jude was such a gentlement to send me home^^thanks to eric and jude^^...Im glad to have them as my frens...^^ After I reach home, pui ghee sms me and says that she arrive home safely and thanks for caring^^...I feel glad to hear tat^^

well...I guess its enough for todays topic...ill continue with this next time...^^ and I do hope that this kind of thing will happen more in the future becos its really making me so happy each time^^

To Be ContinuE~~~

best regards,


Saturday, July 23, 2005


Finally....ive submit my CA this so happy...after a week of hardworking....ive submit my CA yesterday....together with xiu min, my goh kazuki, ah xiang and kar hing...

yesterday was a sad day for me...becos its the last day ive class with ms sharifah,michael,sangeeta,eza,gayathiri,pui ghee,eric,belinda,praba, jude,seelan and sathiaseelan. 2 months time isnt tat long...but me and pui ghee and michael them...hv become good frens...ahaha....ill cherish this memories that i hv with them all...i keep them inside my heart...haha...

its been quite long time since the last time i wroted my blog...btw...for those who still busy with projects and assignments...i wanted to relaxing....=x....don throw lar...i mean add oil lar in u guys de assignments and projects....then u all shall be like me...relaxing~~~

past this few quite sad...thinking something stupid...yesterday nite,i told him how i feel...after he told me the truth...i feel that im really so stupid to have those stupid thinking...sorry goh...><"....

ok la...ill stop my blog here this time...

To Be ContinuE~~~~

best regards,

Joey Chong

Friday, July 22, 2005

finally i can relax myself...wkakakaka~~~=X

Joey's Corner

today is the day when all projects and assignments needs to submit....the computer lab is full of people...almost all ppl in the computer lab are rushing their assignments or projects. today ive submit mine and xiu min's ca project...finally i can relax myself after a week of hardwork......

Thursday, July 7, 2005

a dAy I havE my miD-Term anD its a haPpy daY~~

woah....toDay is really a rush day to me.....I go college at 10am for my intro to hosp. class...then it ends at 12pm....i went to hv lunch with bee ching,michael,aaron,susan,ah xiang,and steven.We have lunch at a restaurant behind our college and opposite of the assam house....for me,ive ordered a "gong bo chicken mee",ah xiang ordered a "gong bo chicken rice",susan and steven ordered a "gu lou meat rice,for bee ching and aaron,they both ordered "thai style chicken chop rice"...and for michael....he dint eat anything...jus drink some chinese tea....

after tat i went upstairs and search for xiu min...called her cos cant find her..she was having lunch with boon yan and frens....after that i met arnh in the college...and saw hansel was there too...he was asking arnh to stab him with a knive....he was so funny...haha...a gd guy though...i went online with arnh....not long after tat...xiu min came and we both went downstairs to study for exam in the library...5 mins after we sat down....saw michael and eric came in the library and saw us...michael and xiu min chatting while studying...haha..after that we both keep studying...he needs to study as in he have exam about malaysian study which held in auditorium at 6:30pm later....

during the time me and xiu min chatting,he suddenly call michael's name and ask him do i looks like a cartoon character...and guess wat...he answer yes i am...-.-"....can anyone tell i really looks like a cartoon character??hes the 3rd person saying tat i looks like a cartoon character...he told me he dono which cartoon character i looks like atm...but he say tat he will tells me that when he finds out which cartoon character in his opinion that i looks like.....wkaka...michael...take ur time...hehe^^eza was the 1st person...and ms sharifah was the 1st....

mayb becos michael heard me and xiu min was talking in mandarin while chatting...he talks mandarin to me as and xiu min study till 3'o clock....when i was going out of the library...michael was infront of me and wish me good luck in my exams...and i thank him and i smile....after i finish my exam at nearly 4 o'clock,i phone mummy to fetch me and walk myself to the library to on9 while waiting for mummy to fetch me....michael din notice i was in the library untill after he finish answering his phone calls...he saw me and ask me about my exam...we chat in mandarin though...whaha~~

after tat i went back as in my 2nd sis is there to fetch me home...

well...this are something tat happen today in my life....cheer up joey^^
ill stop writting here this time.....

To bE contiNUE~~~

best regards,