Friday, December 25, 2015

Unexpected Events

It was rather an unexpected events that happens on boxing day, as I was turning into a side parking and accident happens. I wouldn't want to go through the details of how it happen, as a summary I was on my way to meet Veronica for a high tea but ends up I paid RM400 to settle everything for the accident.

Guess somebody would think why don’t take it to the police station and settle it there but as any Malaysian would know by reporting a police report you will have to pay RM300 no matter who’s fault it is. Not to mention the medical examination and stuffs which will drag for hours. Towards accident which involves car and motorcycle, they will often biased on the motorcyclist even if it’s their fault.

Positive Points

  • Less trouble *I don’t need to bring her for all the check-ups
  • Time saving *Police report consume lots of precious time”"*
  • Probably won’t be seeing her again as she’s from JB *Thank GOD*

Negative Points

  • Compensation Fee for RM400 *Heartache*
  • Fear for motorcyclist


I will need to be extra careful in driving in the future especially around motorcycle.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015