Friday, June 22, 2012

A little bit of here and there.


Finally, 17 days to my Paris Trip. Yesterday was a very bad day for me, however it passed. Today is a brand new day, so much positive today!. YEAH!

Bad mood can really make me cry, though I can’t cry for long, no idea why either. Well, my bad mood is the combination of a few issues.

  • Parking is full so I have to park further in which I walk further from parking to office.
  • Someone been not replying me much at night. On this issue, I need to pull back before falling too deep, I need to focus more on myself. =/
  • I skipped my lunch due to not knowing what to eat anymore, cause basically everything is bored after I work here for about 8 months now. *Do not evoke a person who is in deep hunger, it will be the last thing you do*
  • Fear of job insecure, for this, I need to credits to my family who supports me especially my eldest sis, and my younger brother, not to mention, Angela jie, Snakey aka Jimmy, and cyrus didi. Adding a new one, Edison ! :)

Combinations of this few ingredients really makes my day bad. However, it’s passed.

Need to keep myself reminded that he’s just a closer friends, NOT BF, at least not yet :X


Went out with Suki for singing session on Thursday! Hehehe, she picks me up on office then we go parade to sing. Met Carson again, hahaha, hmmm he always switch between jusco and parade, and yet i still met him, really fated! Hahaha. We was given a big room and both of us silly girl was thinking, “Wahh, so big a room, let’s open our own concert! XD” and so we sing a lot of songs happily! YEAH!

Our *Concerts* ends on 8 and then we went to our next stop, Sushi King. Shared a bowl of Tempura Ramen, ate a few sushi and chat chat chat. After Sushi King, I decide to redeem my FOC Frappuccino Chocolate Cream Chip with the size of Grande (medium size). She still feel not full enough after sushi, so we ordered Shepherd Pie and share. Chris and Looqman are in the shop and we chat happily with them. Hahaha. Sad to know that Ben is based in the Starbucks back in Station 18 AEON. :( He’s such a joker and he gave me 30% off for his staff price back in Parade! XD