Sunday, November 6, 2005

the incident about the overnight stay of see meng and kar ling^^...2 best best fren of mine for whole life^^

Things should be written here was delayed for few days time...until today...only start to write something about wat had happen [last week] in my blame..recently too lazy dee...=P

28th Oct'05, Friday

Today kar ling met up with me at sushi king as in we've been plan to eat sushi tat day... we met up with kit mun in sushi king too...was so shock to see tat sushi king had moved to a bigger place to start their new business...the place was bigger and usuall,ive ordered a udon and have aten some of my favourite sushis..all of them were so tasty^.^...when kar ling arrive sushi king...she sits with us and enjoy the sushi too..^^

when we finish our lunch, mom went to que up to pay the bill while me and kar ling walk out of sushiking to watch some performance for deeparaya..i saw alot of small children from different kindergarden...they all dress nicely and cool...and they were so cute..^^ went home after tat and start to chit chat with kar ling in my room...

the other day at around 1pm...doorbell rang and my hp rang, take it and saw it was the miss call of see meng so i went to open the electric gate and open the door to let her in...din saw her for 2 months time...was so so glad to saw her...sadly they don likes to hug...or else i think a big hug will be better^^ see meng came and met up with kar ling...they both chat alot...they both din met for almost 3 months...they have alot to i jus type my blog while let they both chat more^.^

Me,my mum,kar ling and see meng and my 2nd sis went to tesco together...met chooi foong working at tesco...chatted for a while and went up to search for my mum...although i cant find the cloths tat i wan, but the situation was quite happy tat nite...^^

2 day had pass since they both came...its time for them to go back to their was tuesday afternoon, after me,kar ling and see meng had a swim together, we sent kar ling to parade then me and see meng went down too to shopping as in see meng wants to buy some stuff...went to a shoe shop, saw a pair of shoes which i like so much...wanted to buy but becoz the shoe was white and pink in color, see meng and kar ling says tat it would be quite hard to suits our cloths according to the shoe's color...i can only wear whilte or pink color shirts plus a skirt to suits the shoes..else don buy it...after i heard tat...we went off the shoe shop to another shop...but my mind keep thinking about the shoe while made my mood into a bad mood...not long after tat see meng seems to feels it and ask me about it...she really knows me so well...haha..

went home at around 7:30pm...was feeling so sorry for see meng as in by the time my mother arrive to pick us up, she was not able to buy the stuff tat she wants to bring back to polytechnic penang...although she keep say is ok...but i still felt guilty of tat...

these are wat happen last 5 days ago...well...i guess its quite enough for tat day's ends here...ill write again next time ler...hope tat everything is going fine and im happy everyday..^^

best regards from me, Joey@Yumi