Monday, November 8, 2010

Our Shots <3

Let thy photos do the talking :P


Best Friends are Forever :)


In the church


Happy Friends ^^


3 Happy Guy


Purple Ladies :P


Yu Zhang and Me ^^


Happy Faces


With Penny together :)


2 Leng Lui :P


*Lou Sai* @ Xue Zhang and Me :)


Me and Nicole :P


Amber and Me :P

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happiness. :)

Finally, my dear little niece is 1 month old. :) May she grow up happily and safely. ^^

Today, on the other hand, it’s also both my colleague’s wedding, Daniel and Cindy. Happy Wedding :)

This was my first time attending church wedding. We always see how those Ang Mo getting married in a movie, a show or even in a video. But this time, I experienced it and I feel so touching when the moment both Daniel and Cindy say the vows to each other, promised to each other to be true to each other, love and care for each other for the rest of their lives. However, this kind of wedding is really simple and relax, no rushing, less headaches. I like this type of wedding, same goes to Ivan. Guess this kind of wedding is just make people feel relax. Chinese tradition wedding is much much complicated in comparison.

The song I’m listening was intro by my best friend. We both love piano songs, it somehow soothes our soul, this song always bring me to a peaceful world in myself. I feel so relax and peace every single time listening to it. Life does go on no matter how bad your day is, no one knows what will happened ahead and we can only stay positive and focus on what we are doing every single day. Thanks so much to my best friend Ivan, I am far more positive now compare to last time. I tend to think things in a more positive way nowadays. :)

Lately, some phrase keeps on rolling in my mind, *What will be, will be*. What is meant to be, it will meant by itself someday. Maybe not yet, maybe not now, but if something is meant to be, then it will eventually.

I know we should focus on what we want for our future, and that we should always look forward rather than look backward. The world just doesn’t goes that way. However, I am someone who always love to put myself into a time slot which already passed, and review back everything in that *past time* slot. Time does not wait for anyone and we should always cherish every moment we are having now cause these moments may not be the same anymore in the future. Ivan always tell me that we all should be always grateful and thankful of what we have now. Gee, I’m missing the old days so so much now. But I feel so glad that I cherished every moment in my life.

I have a job to do, I have wonderful parents and family, I have awesome best friends, I can afford to buy things I like *depends whether I am keen enough to buy that stuff :x*, I have my dearest brother who loves me and sisters who always be there for me and care about me, I have a superb cute and adorable bibi to hug. ^^ I feel so thankful and grateful. Thanks God for giving all these to me. :) I might not be a wonderful person, but I tried my best in doing everything. *Komawo* *Gam Unn Ah* ^.Y