Friday, February 25, 2011

A Great Night Spending with my Best Friend :)

Had a great night spending with my best friend Ivan. It’s been so long since we last had a heart to heart talk. He fetched me around 1030pm and we talk until 2am. Too much things to update and share, but we manage to share everything tonight. I’m so glad and appreciate every moment we share together. We talk everything, and I’m so happy for him that he finally found someone he really has feelings for. I believe everything will go smooth for him! Because the secret says so! :)

Review back for the past 2 years since I know him, it’s been an adventure and I will never forget those times we spend together. I have not much friends but thankful to have a few true best friends like See Meng and Ivan. We may have a lot of friends but only true friends will stay long and sincere and I’m lucky to found 2 true friend which always be there for me when I need supports and guidance.

Thank you so much my dear true best friends! You both are the best :) !!!!

I believe true best friend stays forever!. BFF For life! :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bai Tian Gong 2011

Happy Bai Tian Gong! :) Huat AH! May all of our wishes come true ! :)

The usual guest apart from our family members, the usual gang Eric and Mun Kit, this year we have Mun Kit’s Gf, and Alfred.

My side, Ivan together with Peik Yew, Cindy Chai and Chun Hong (Aka Ah Zi)

Wished the same wish as last year, hopefully this year all the wishes will really come true. :)

Baked cup cakes for 2 portion, glad to know peik yew them loves it! :)

Thanks so much for the compliment - Not so sweet and Tasty :P

Nice fireworks. Recorded some fireworks video, wait till I finish editing it and I’ll upload here for you all to see.

It’s been some time since I last blog. Hard to get myself to write blog unless listening to *我和自己的约会*

I have to post about my birthday! :)

Chit chat with Ivan them until 230am and they left. Luckily they left, cause not long after that its back to raining already. Heh.

Good luck to my dear best friend who are going to KL tomorrow. Gambateh! You can surely do it. You are so awesome :)

One question, Samsung or Nokia?

Yes, my phone gave me lots of problems, and the most disappointing part was its not even a year YET! =.=