Sunday, March 22, 2009

josephine cafe & bistro

As usual, we went outing one week once. This time we went to a cafe which we never been to before.


                                 josephine cafe & bistro


                Fusili Carbonara *My Favorite* Yummy~ Bleh <3


                         Forgot the name, but it was very tasty~ ^^


                Thumbing Up For My Favorite Fusili Carbonara =P


                                          The Menu~


                                            Cozy Pillow to hug =P

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c a l v i n

Calvin is back from Aussie! Although its been months since he's back from aussie, due to my dear Rains is busy with work, we postponed the meet up from Chinese new year eve until 2 days ago.

*Counting by fingers*, I've known Calvin for like 3 year ++ ler bah? Still remember how I get to know him. That time I was talking to Hansel in the lobby and Calvin is sitting beside Hansel. They both talked in Cantonese. But hor, when I sit beside them, I heard them talking and I suspect something different. So I went to ask Calvin whether he speaks mandarin ones, and my guessing was right. =D *Proud*

Finally we went out for dinner 2 days ago. Calvin fetch me after he manage to found Rains 's house around 8:30pm. So once again I took them to Dennis. I think I really love the ambience there, makes me feel so relax and happy every time I went there for dinner. I'm glad we still keep in contact after Calvin finish his diploma. Did a lot of talking which he's currently helping with his dad's business and of coz, PHOTO Session~!

Let the photos continue the story….

Calvin n Me

 Rains and Me

Me and Calvin 

P/s: Calvin's new car is very comfortable! Its the New Corolla Altis xD

That's all for that day, so long =p

Friday, March 20, 2009



Yes, its exactly like the title. I resigned from my job on the 15th of March.


  • My *Secret* has been discovered and therefore I have to stopped my job and clear my left over exam papers. Been working there since 5th of Jan, been through alot of sad times and happy times.

Known quite alot of new friends there like the whole front office colleague like Ya, Rina, Anis, Lela, DM Sofian, Kak Faez, Mini, Emma, and of coz, the newly friendly nice and cute trainnee Ebel.

Sales department Head, Nicholas Liew, Weena, and Yvonne. The person which I salute the most, GM Mr Michael. Of course, Joana the HR Executive, Yuet Meng my ex schoolmate, Nisa from the purchasing.

F&B Manager Mr Thomas, Assistant F&B Manager Nizam, supervisor Shaq, Wiswa, & Jason. Executive Housekeeper Encik Zul, Annuar, Kak Izan, Kak Nila, Roslan.

I know I will surely miss them, but still, I'll miss *HIM* the most...