Thursday, June 15, 2006

zzzz...its been 2 days since i last on9 on sro...if the situation continue to be like this..i wont be able to get lvled to lvl 42><"

yday my sg aunt's friend come to fetch them...her friend is a girl who wear and acts like a guy...and living with her gf...nth much i can say but i choose to respect this kind of ppl...but still i feel very weird about this kind of ppl lo..hehe

last night at 12:00am...i called mee kee and wish her happy burpday...and through our conversation on phone, she told me she just got back from genting...and says that kah mun and lee yee is studying together in keris of the tourism courses...and also bobo had come back from sg few months ago...(but i didn't know)

she told me they will be going out together tonight to have their pizza mostly...tonight im going out to celebrate my third sis's burpday (chinese birthday) so mayb i get the chance of meeting them all must dress nicely tonight^^

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

past this few days, my internet is really pissing me off, that is also which makes me cant wrote my blog for the past few days~~

well..this morning i saw the testi from chanelle to me...althought its really short but its meaningful and i like it..^^

now im listening to jolin's new album while chatting with wilson on msn...well...i was quite suprise to see him on9...but he was using e-messenger and online-ing in the hotel lobby he lives in new york...the hotel he lives in was called Best (wonder if the hotel is really the best western hotel lol)

i add ah goh into the chat room so that they can chat more...becoz wilson was asking something about wow...from wat he told us, he will be back on friday morning at 5am...=.="...22 hours of flight, i might as well jump off the (kidding lar)

mom just give me a call that my sg aunt together with 2 of her coming to our house...i bet later is going to be noisy...

wilson will be going to harvard for a i ask him to take alot of picture there to make ppl believe that he graduated from if ppl will believe)
ive been trying very hard to get to lvl 42 but seems that my internet don allowed me to and keep making me hang, lag and then die...if the situation continue to be like this...its going to take me forever to get lvled...><"

i must get to lvl 42 asap...><"...i really want my lvl 42 blade><"

Friday, June 9, 2006

today was the day bibi able get off her hand bandages and as i expect she screamed and my heart was so painful when i heard she scream...but i know there's nth i can do now...hopefully her wounds will healed asap..

chatted with my 2nd IT ah goh and he told me he had quitted his job becoz he's having some arguement with his supervisors...nvm de goh..go find another work lo...kl many ma...especially kajang area..=P im sure u will find a better job with a better supervisor^^

bibi is now sleeping and hopefully she can really walks like normal asap...god bless this little cute puppy^^ time flies and now shes alr 5 months old...she is a growing up girl...her fur is starting to change into adult's dog fur...its really feels like she become bigger already...hehe..

when we came back from Dr. Goh's clinic, it happens that my younger brother had fixed the phone line back to normal and i've played sro a while...from the guild notice, i know that there is another major update is coming which we will be able to have a pet to fight for us, a larger storage...hopefully the pet wasn't in the ITEM MALL~~!! if not we will never able to get it...=)

im going off9 so soon because i've promise my sis that i will change the time to 6pm for her as in normally she only get to use the comp at 7pm...quite a lucky day today..^^

Thursday, June 8, 2006

finally~!! i finish my last (actually only 2 paper)

today is the day to celebrate~~! coz i finish my last paper ler...hehe^^ yesterday when having the customer service examination, im the 1st one who came out from the examination it happens to be the too the 1st one to come out from the room..xD

at around 12, xiu min came out and we both went upstairs to eat the set lunch which prepared by our hosteurs club...and ms nurainie had inform us that at july 1st they are planning to go teluk batik as a fairwell party for ms julynn as in shes going other places to work~~ (TARC KL) *all the best to u lar miss ^^*
while we were having our lunch in the mock-up room, a malay junior came and talk to us...especially to hansel of coz~~ ( i bet she's interested in him? i don't know? ) however i bet hansel wouldn't want that to be happend~~ wish him good luck then..

when we were in the middel of having our lunch, she sit by us while we were talking about X-Men 3, and was laughing the act inside the x-men movie...and when we were going to leave, she came up to me and ask me whether im laughing her and fooling her anot? and i told her im not coz we were really talking about the x-men's movies...guess she's just too sensitive ler...haha wat a day~

from today on, im going to have 2 weeks's how i plan...
i plan to rent the tv series call er zuo ju zhi wen to watch it during my holidays and sit for the undang-undang talks to take the exams of it...before its too late~~ its a shame that at my age i still can't drive~~><"
today before i went back, ah goh finally pass me the wow im just waiting for the internet line to get back to normal and have fun with them all...hehehehe^^

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

today at around 9am, after i get my docket i went to sit with puga and the rest~~

we start to discuss and keep on study and try to remember as many as we could~~

at around 9:30, the new lecture with a curry bun hairstyle came to us and inform us that its time to exam~~ so we just walk in and ready for our exam

luckily wat i studied yday did come section A, i able to answer all the questions, each question at least one page~~ but in the section B, i only answer question 2 and only half page....hopefully i can get a good results lar...(if can get merit then is better lo xD)

2molo is the f&b paper...very worry coz some of the noTES was not given~~god pls bless me that i can answer all the exam questions tomolo~~

internet is down again...argh...><" its been down for few days time....when will it get back to normal??!! hopefully it will get back to normal asap~~~!

today yvonne told me that shi ying is registered to study in my college in hotel management also...this is really a great news for me~~ few days ago ah yang release from ns and he sms me to tell me how crazy the situation he feels when all the ppl in the college talking english...when i see his sms i direct called him and talk to him...and ive try to comfort him and tell him he will soon get used to the environment and says that i will help him^^

recently seems that alot of ppl have the same situations as me( having exams ) wish all the people that is going to have exam or having exams now good luck and study hard lo...^^

Sunday, June 4, 2006

ish~~~the internet is down again...and i really pissed off liao...but the good thing is i starting to study for my exams...^^

now im onlining in my father's office...else i cant on9 at home~~
alot of my fren's bday is in the month of june....

June 1 - Maggie and Alvin
June 2 - Kim Yoong Goh
June 10 - Marcus
June 15 - Mee Kee
June 19 - Christina and Bobo

and etc~~

and i now remember i still owe ah xiang and habby bday present~~~ ill get them the presents asap...^^ hopefully they can wait^^

since y'day ive been start to understand about cost control in f&b~~ well...i tried to understand about it and can understand abit also lo...

hopefully the connection can be fixed by 2molo as in probably ill be joining ah goh and wilson playing wow~~^^

Ps: Wilson went to new york with his family~~so im hereby wishing him had a happy and safe trip^^