Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday My Dear Best Friend.

Happy Birthday to my dearest best friend, Ivan. Smile

Thought couldn’t celebrate with you but I’m glad you’re happy during your birthday. That what’s matter the most, right? Winking smile

Hopefully you will like the present that I bought for you. For I personally think it’s very nice and useful Smile with tongue out

22nd August 2010 (Know you since one year ago ^^)

I know I always make you feel so disappointed in me when I were quite negative before this. From the day we know each other, you already told me about what the *Secret* teaches us. Thanks for not giving up on me, thanks for always supporting me when I need it the most. Best Friends forever :)


Best Friend.


Glad that I found 3 in my life so far. I love my best friends. Hope they will love me the same way too Smile

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

As time passes by, the date is getting closer and closer each day. Feeling unbearable? Yes, definitely. I will surely miss all of them Who would I miss the most when I leave? I would say its Felicia, Stella, and Stephy. I love to see Felicia especially when she smiles. So sweet and pretty, plus her skin is very fair ^^. I love to talk to Stella or call her Stella Dior instead of Teoh. She is so funny and often makes me laugh so happily. Working life become so less dull without her, in fact, she brightens up my day everyday when I’m sad or moody or just got scolded by customers. Stephy, most probably is because I feel closer to her more because we know each other since we are in the college. She has a quite good looking handsome boyfriend. Most importantly she’s very into movies and we can always talk about movies or tv series.

4 months in DiGi, I’ve known nice colleagues, learned about the work life in a telco company, experienced difficult customers and understand customer’s frustration and feelings. Actually most of them are not totally fussy, they just want us to understand how they feel when some circumstances happened. From my experience, every customers who come and fuss at me, I will listen to them about why they are so fuss and try to help them resolve by showing them that I understand how they feel. Apart from my job, I’m a consumer too, so its understandable sometimes. Luckily my father didn’t subscribe any line with digi, else it will be the biggest headache for us all :x *Zipped*

Jaz left me with no replies. Tried to message him but still no reply. Lost all my hope and stop sms-ing him anymore. Darling just came back from her trip in China, always wanting to play audi with her but every time she’s with ping guo for sure because they are audi couples mar. It somehow makes me feel so uncomfortable seeing them in pairs when I’m alone. I really hope to find a stable relationship, God, please bless me to find someone good soon, I don’t need someone rich, just caring and funny and non-smoker. That’s the only things I asked for. :(

Till then, I want a boyfriend. :( 

all i want[4]

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

E m p t y .

Feeling a little relax after submitting my *FINALIZED* industrial report just now at 6:50pm. This report has been postponed by ME 3 years ago to further notice due to to my laziness. Can’t help it bah, lazy lazy me :x

It’s has been 3 days since Ivan went to Shah Alam for his training. At this very moment, I feel so…empty. Got no idea why do I feel so but this is how I feel now. I’m not sure if Ivan reads the email I sent to him a night before his leaving to Shah Alam last Sunday. Even though I didn’t manage to get the job, I’m still glad that he’s into this now, a bright future is waiting for him. Honestly, I feel more happy back then before we both work together in the same place. We talk on the phone, we go out together, those were no longer there ever since we work at the same place, but in fact, more arguments. I feel so sad every time after we argue. I hate this feelings of us arguing even though It’s about me mostly. I really wish we can back to how we used to be. By the 22nd of this month, it will be the day we both know each other for 1 year. 1 year ago we met in Starbucks and we became best friends in 2 months time. Haha, time flies I guess.  Of all the photos we took together, this is my favorite.


Something shocked me so much when I surf through facebook. Sen is married and with a 1 and half year old son! Omgoshhh *Heartbroken* wahahaha joking de, I used to admire him so much back in Dorsett. He is just so cute and handsome, however, my deepest blessings for you sen and your wife and the cute cute junior sen. Smile

Just finish talking with gor gor on the phone. I told him about my contract ending in September. He told me he bought SC2 LOL. Star craft 2 I mean. *Uh Hum* It has been so long for the star craft fans because it somehow took too long a time to finish this masterpiece. It been so long since we both last talk on the phone and also meet up. We talked for almost an hour and was enjoy with it, he’s always my favorite gor gor ^^

Another 5 weeks of time my eldest sis is getting married and so is the ending of my contract in DiGi. I’m going to have little nephew on October. Looking forward soo much to meet my cute little nephew~ ^^ Thought of go for a vacation when my contract ends.

Still considering about buying iPod Touch. Discussed with bro and asked for his opinion. Waiting for his answer Smile with tongue out

Till then, that’s all for now. Peace Smile