Friday, October 26, 2007


just finish my presentation of ms de assignment today...feel quite free and relax...cos all da stuff friday somo have to attend yin yin de bday...then after yin yin bday, the next day need to go KL for interviews again...but this time is for Dorsett Regency KL...pray hard for everything to goes very fine in this interviews....^^


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Recent Life

all bad things happen in a mom just back from hospital last saturday...then on friday morning receive the calls from terengganu tat my great grandmother passed away...then something is wrong with my assignment and thanks alot to mr thomas and ms nurainie, i get the chance to resubmit the assignment on monday...submitted then i went terengganu straight and stay untill yesterday only come back from terengganu...hopefully everything goes well with me and the people around me...cheers ^^

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bukit Bintang 3 days 2 nite Interview Trip

many events that i didnt write...feel like missing i decided to write...

on september 29th, i went kl for interviews together with li juan, yuk thart and puga...xiu min went kl first at 28th we meet at marriot for interviews...marriot gave me a feeling of stressful...already can feel the stressful feeling when i walk into the hotel...after interviews, its already near to we had lunch and then check in at Agora Hotel in star hill road....when we check in the hotel, we found out the bath tub is dirty and so we request to change room, but unfortunately, they only have one suite...therefore no other rooms to we were force to use the bath tub to bath...we walked in sg wang plaza from 12pm untill 4pm...we all went back to our room and have some rest....while i went to secret recipe which is just next to my hotel to meet up with mee kee....she treat me a piece of chocolate indulgence cake and a cup of lemon tea...we both talked alot of things...untill around 630pm, li juan call me up to get ready to we seperate and i went to bath and get ready to mid valley for dinner....since september 29th was piggie's me and li juan went to meet up with nana and ps them...was paiseh at first when i saw already saw me when i arrive where others havent saw me...even nana pass by me also he didnt saw me...untill piggie pass by me, i called her name and she notice my appearance then told the rest...

after tat we all walked together while yuk thart and puga enjoy their dinner plan themself...we all went to chilis to have our dinner...however, there are many people dining in chilis, although nana them booked a table but we waited untill 830pm oni got table for us to have our dinner...and the setting of the seat is like this:

Chyn Hola Nana Piggie


Kinz Ps Li Juan Me

we all had our dinner and li juan shared a spaghetti because the portion of the food there is quite large...nana told the waiter that its piggie's bday today...they gave her a piece of cake with an ice cream beside...and even hosted birthday song...everyone was happy tat nite...saw hola's new phone...quite nice was sony ericsson k810i...slim and with a good camera tat is 3.2 megapixel...our dinner ends at 920pm...after tat we went to play footsal...first time play this kind of games, quite fun though...kekeke...then around 930pm we all seperated because they are going to luna house for drinking me and li juan went to meet up with yuk thart and puga and then we took taxi and went back to hotel...due to traffic jam, we only manage to arrive hotels at 1020pm...we were so tired but we still chit chat in the room...untill 12am, yuk thart and puga went out to venture on the night life of bukit bintang...i was so tired and so i sleep at 12am...

wake up the next morning around 11am, after face washing and teeth brushing session, li juan said shes going out with her relatives in me, yuk thart and puga went to sg wang plaza to have our brunch at old town kopitiam...after tat we went to the cc opposite to da gei abit...but quite expensive lor..RM 4 per hour ipoh the most oni RM 2.50 per hour nia...but lar, wat to do? kl mar...after da gei for 2 hours, we walked in sg wang plaza...ive bought a new wallet for RM 21 after discount...yuk thart bought a few shirts for himself and also his younger brother...we went back to our hotel at 5pm...after we all took our bath, we took taxi to mid valley again for dinner...however, due to puasa season, every place is full malay people who wanted so much to we think that since its our last nite at kl, we decided to have our dinner at a vietnamese restaurant situated at the floor of cinema in mid valley...although the price is abit costly lar, but we share the its still affordable....keke...after our dinner, we took taxi again and went back to our hotel...not long after tat li juan back in the hotel already...however, we all didnt sleep so early...when all of us are so boring cos nth to do in the room, they decide to have a *drag queen* show...we have some makeup kits with us...yuk thart and puga had their first time putting make up on their face...and their make up artist is li juan...we did crazy things tat nite...yuk thart and puga is abit drunk tat nite...we all ended sleep at 2am...

woke up the next morning at 6...washed my face and brushed my teeth...around 7am, we all went out to take monorail and change lrt to wangsa maju to meet up with our ex lecturer, Ms Julynn which is teaching at KTarc...she drove us for breakfast and then took us for a in-car tour in ktar...and the compound of ktar is really so big...after tat she sent us back to the lrt station...took some photos and we take the lrt and went back to bukit bintang to check out our rooms and rush to westin for our interviews...however, things didnt goes well with me and xiu min...the hotel only took yuk thart, puga and li juan...tats all for my 3 days 2 nite bukit bintang interview trip...cheers ppl...^^