Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ubah, Ini Karilah?

A very hot and powerful slogan which recently very popular due to our country election tomorrow, 4 years once. For as long as I lived, I never experienced such huge urge for us Malaysian who wanted a change of government so badly. Everyone in the world, every Malaysian, which also including actors, singers and entertainers are coming back from all around the world, just for tomorrow’s big event.

Sadly, I was not eligible to vote. I pray hard for tomorrow’s election,

“This is the Curry! ” =P

We went to eat steamboat to celebrate Tuck Leong’s birthday. Took a picture and tagged him together with See Meng and Kar Ling and Jin Hao in facebook, written:


Due to what happened for the past one week, I have learnt a big lesson, think thoroughly of every decision you made, weight the pros and cons, and also be careful of what we wished for. Every action comes with a consequences needed to bear, HOWEVER, Decision has been made ! I will go according to my plan for sure !

I know what my heart wants and I will follow it !