Monday, April 30, 2007

Congratulations~ =D

congratulations to xiu min, my best frens in college who was just start dating lately...starting she's not willing to tell me about it...but somehow i can sense it myself...maybe its because ( girl's sense is quite accurate sometimes lol~~xD)

today rains asked her during class de break...then only she willing to tell us the truth...she said they started after the genting trip...and i was happy to hear about it...but because before this choon chuen got tell me about him and xiu min...tat time he tell me tat xiu min didnt reli fullfill his "point"....but now hes dating with xiu min...however, im happy to know tat xiu min is dating with someone she i gave my best wishes to her...bless her o ^^

however, this has made me abit envy of her and the thinking to try the taste of dating...hahas...funny ler me...silly me...^^" but i wont let this to overpower my mind by simply accepting andrew to test untill the one im waiting likes me the same way lor..or perhaps the one should be destined to me havent appear...anyways...wish me luck in waiting the one in my life o...cheers =D

Friday, April 27, 2007

Mothers Day~~

lately...alot of exams are being held in the college...for business student, Secreatary student, account student or even IT students, they are having their finals...where us the hotel students are having exams too...but minor ones...yesterday we had our m'sian studies exam in the auditorim which starts 2pm...not reli did well...but was suprise to see the 5th question is a question about how to return the nature back to how it was which i think its not related to m'sian studies AT ALL...however, thanks to it...i might able to get pass...=D

on last saturday night, a junior of mine *banana* hints me tat he likes me...he told me tat he wanted to find a gf...then i ask him to look for our newly join junior...but he say he wan to find me to be his i direct tell him cannot...then he keep on ask me why cannot...because i really dono wat my heart is thinking...therefore i cannot be not fair to him...cuz my heart was attached to another guy... since then , he never ask about it anymore...however, he still flirts with me on msn sometimes...but i quite enjoy tat haha xD

tml will be the 4th time of me learning driving...i guess continue like this...4 more times of car learning, ill be finishing my driving course...=D after tat i can drive myself wherever i want...=D

tat day when me and my mom on the way to fetch my brother from the tuition center, she suddenly ask me what i want to work after studies..i told her ill go find work in KL..and she just say "orhh ok"...guess she let me go KL work ler after all...=D thanks horr ya so much =D

Mothers Day is coming dear friends...tell ur mom how much u love them not only on mothers day lor...after all this day is just a day created by those ppl who wants to sell flowers to earn some profit...just don ever ever cheat or lie to ur mom..cuz they are the one who always care for u and oso the most...=D

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

College Genting Trip~~

ok...finally im back from my college de genting 3 days 2 night trip~~ let me flash back my memoriez...ok here goes~~

13th April ' 07, Friday~
wake up at around 5am...after my face washing and teeth brushing session, i smsed xiu min to ask her whether shes wearing pants or skirts to genting later on (cuz im a person that doesnt have any own judgement lol) so after waited for like 30mins..xiu min still havent reply my sms...i think shes still sleeping, so i made my own decision on this after my bathing session which last for 20mins...which i ends up wearing pants (cuz genting so cold mar...wear skirts will shake for sure lol)

after i prepare all the things i need to bring...i took my lugggage down the stairs, i have my breakfast which is a cup of hot milo and a piece of cake my mom bought for me last nite...after tat i went to watch around 6:20am, finally xiu min reply my sms...she told me she dono wat to wear yet...most prolly will be skirts and asked me to wear pants cuz her size is bigger than me therefore she can tahan the cold where i i just went college on pants...daddy send me to the college...when i arrive, its already almost 6:55am...where miss nurainie just arrive the college...however, yuk thart and puga was standing at the front door of college...ah yang and the rest are standing right side of the college front door...where pek wan group standing left side of the college front door...

becoz of yuk thart's mother wont allow yuk thart to go genting if she knows choon chuen is driving...therefore, yuk thart and his brother yuk ming followed van to go genting where li juan and elissa join choon chuen's car...

The Sitting Chart In Choon Chuen's Car

*Puga* *Choon Chuen*

*Xiu Min* *Li Juan* *Me*

*Elissa* *Yin Yin* *Rains*

we start our trip at around 8:30am...and arrive at genting's theme park car park at 10:15am....where the other 2 vans havent arrive in the end we met others junior and oso yuk thart them at first world hotel lobby...after tat we all immediately go to the Genting de H.Resource Office Department as we already make an appointment with them b4 going up to genting...after waited for 20 mins in the H.Resource office, finally the H.Resource Executive Ms. Amanda Ang come and tour us...she is really a very frenly person...and shes only 26 yrs old already become H.R. Executive...really not easy lor....^^...she brought us to alot of genting spa, gym room, club elite (a special club tat only serves V I P + V V I P) and oso one of their buffet cafe which full of different types of is divided into indian, japanese, chinese,malay and western~~ when we visit the gallery of genting, Ms. Amanda gave me her name card and saying tat im suitable to become a Guest Relation...(i wonder why she say she thinks tat im talented in serving guest bah~~hahahaha dono ler lol~~)

after that we all went back to theme park hotel de lobby...those tat made appointment with ms. amanda went to interview her and the rest of us went back to our own room...when we back to our room, its already we start to do the room, rains, xiu min, yin yin, ms.nurainie and qarina in one room...which is the room of 5212...where choon chuen, yuk thart, puga, and yuk ming one room which is the room of the family suite, there are 2, xiu min, rains and yin yin one room where Ms. Nurainie and Qarina live another remaining room...chang ming, chee leong and soong seng came to our room to exchange cloth in the bath room...about 4:30pm++...chang ming they all went to first world lobby to take the van to go back to ipoh...after tat xiu min and me went to find choon chuen to fetch ah hui and ah yee to the cable car place as in they both are going KL together...when we drop them off at the cable car place, we went to Ria Appartment to fetch choon chuen's fren - hoong wai (his name is sounded abit funny...cuz choon chuen call so bad and call his name a lil bit senget lol) however, hes a quite nice person to talk with...frenly oso...nice knowing him ler ^^

when we go back to our room, we all take turn to take bath...and after we all finish the bathing session, its already 6:30pm...we all went to take our dinner...(cant really remember the name of the restaurant, i only remember there aren't much customers inside this restaurant at tat time lol~~) after the dinner, Ms. Nurainie brought Qarina to First World Indoor Theme Park to play...where me, xiu min, yuk thart, choon chuen, puga and yuk ming went to play bowling together...the 1st round was me, xiu min and puga one team...choon chuen, yuk thart, yuk ming one team~~and its very shock when we saw the bowling score...xiu min de score appears to be the highest among us all...hahaha...then 2nd round was me , xiu min and yuk thart one team, yuk ming, choon chuen and puga one team...choon chuen de team, hes the highest score cost us all RM 9 per person...but its i guess is worth it lor...=D Bowling session ends around 10:45pm++ and we all straight back to hotel to sleep...when we back tat time....everyone slept already....except rains...after me and xiu min change our cloths...we had this "girl's talk" session.... (of coz is talk about each of our own de sensitive issues lor~~)
and im happy to know tat rains is back with *someone i know*...well xiu min and i having the same situation which is we both still havent able to forget our feeling towards the one we liking and missing least xiu min able to see him and enjoy time with her *someone* where i cant...althought had some memories b4 and oso in genting...well...xiu min can see him everyday..where i cant...sighhh...guess we both are really helpless in this...or perhaps we both need more time to get over this...but im sure we will...someday~~but dono when lol~~hopefully asap bahh....xD

however, tonight at genting, i really miss him alot....i dono why i miss him soo much...especially tonight...i guess its because of the memories we had together in genting..which reminds me of our memories when we had our genting & KL trip during december last yr...

14th April ' 07 , Saturday
woke up at 3:25am...cuz of yin yin de snores sound...and i personally thinks tat rains is so geng where she still able to sleep when she sleep beside yin yin...i woke up...and saw xiu min was gone...walk to the toilet in a very blur condition and didnt find i walk further up and saw xiu min sleeping on the ground of where Ms. Nurainie sleeping with the sofa cushion...after tat i took my sofa cushion put back it on the sofa and sleep on the sofa..which the sofa cushion is hard like stone lol but still no choice have to sleep on it...sleep untill around 6:35am...woke up cuz i heard bathing sound from the toilet...not long after tat, xiu min went out with fully dressed face..she look at me and ask me to change cloth and wash face to go out with her to eat breakfast with kcc and yuk in kcc they all havent ready...we both went to their room...and was sitting on their bed...and when we were chatting around...suddenly i felt something drop from my nose...and it was i straightly went back to my room, took a small towel from the toilet, wet it with cold water, bend my head on the sofa and put the towel on my forehead...guess i was really overheated 30mins...i felt better so i went out by myself to look for them...found them at the cafe right infront of theme park hotel...guess i was still blur...untill i ordered a HOT MILO....when i wanted to drink then only i notice how stupid i am to order a milo when my body de temperature is heating...sumo is a cup of HOT milo...but i don wan waste i finish it oso...back to the nose bleed again...and i did the same thing as i did just now...

after my nose stop bleeding, i went to take a cold bath...and it really helps alot...where my nose no longer bleed...when everyone is ready, we all went to take our lunch at KFC...where i really felt super envy and notice its really a very sad thing when u see everyone is eating KFC with the sound "crouch crouch" and ure not allowed to eat together...cuz my body temperature only drop down a while...if i eat nose will bleed again for i went to search for those food tat are not fried...untill i walk to a place where they sell i bought one tiramisu cake...and guess how much was it? its RM 9....but in genting u have no choice de i bought it....walk back to KFC and eat with them....after tat we all went outdoor to play....we played roller coaster, fun cart, cockcrew and Motion Master...which we all complaints badly when we finish watching it...cuz it makes us all feel very dizzy...then we went to play bumper car...and we had lots of fun together so we played twice...after tat all of us already we went to a restaurant with the name of "Causeway Bay" to have our dinner...i eat ler about RM 20 (already + tax) counted as the most expensive and full de dinner lor compare to yesterday...because tml we are going back mar...^.^

soon when everyone of us finish our dinner...rains and yin yin went to met with their trainers in genting (a chef in genting) where me, xiu min, choon chuen, yuk thart and yuk ming went to outdoor to play again...starting we went to play the roller coaster...after tat xiu min, yuk thart, choon chuen and yuk ming played cockcrew....where i stand outside help them take some photo...finish riding the cockcrew, the 3 guy went to play "tiao lou ji"...after they finish this game, we went to the side area of the genting arena stars and sit on the bench provided in tat area...where Edmund Leong Hon Mun & Ronald Zheng Zhong Kei is having their concert in this arena stars...guess wat...we able to listen free concert...althought cannot see their face or be inside the arena stars...but no nid pay oso able to listen their count as not bad already ^^

so after we sit there and listen for like 30mins...we went back to hotel and and xiu min sleep on the bed where rains and yin yin sleep on sofa...cuz of some reason, yuk thart and puga came out to our place to sleep on the floor...but we all sleep directly, we've joke for a while...then only we all sleep automatically...

15th April ' 07, Sunday
i woke up at 7:30am++...and saw xiu min already dressed nicely and asked me to change my cloth and go breakfast with her...when we finish our breakfast and back to the hotel...already nearly we all just go play indoor arcade untill 11:45am and then we all went back to hotel to check out...and off we go, back to ipoh...

i guess tats all about this 3 days 2 night college genting trip...cheers ppl ^^

Photos Took During College Genting Trip ^^

Me n Xiu Min in the nicely decorated cable car~~
4 of us back ready for roller coaster ^^

Me n Xiu Min Infront of a fountain in outdoor themepark~~

Genting First World Hotel As Background ^^

Me n Xiu Min Infront Of Haunted House In Time Square Genting~~

At Bowling Center~~

Xiu Min n Choon Chuen (arent they got the "husband n wife" look? xD)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sushi King Offer Day ^^

since last week, xiu min has been saying to go to eat sushi due to sushi king offer yesterday we all gather at college around 11:45am...Ms. Nurainie fetch Mr. Hirman...where Rains fetch me, xiu min, yin yin and puga to sushi king parade...arrive there around 12pm++...suprise to see that there aren't much ppl yet...maybe because havent reach lunch time bah...kekeke...however, when we arrive there, Ms. Nurainie, Mr. Hirman, Yuk Thart and Choon Chuen already sit in a table....where puga join their table after me, xiu min, rains and yin yin sit the table behind their table...^^

Notice Of Sushi Promotion ~

Plates Ive Eaten ~

Prawn Sushi Normal Price (RM6) But now only (RM 2) ^^

Our table eat ler total of RM 51.67~~becoz some of us pick the plate where we dono its follow the original price one...but nvm long as happy can ler...^^ after tat four of us went shopping in ipoh parade...xiu min, rains and yin yin bought one shirt for themself...where i only bought a cute bag cuz i feel its cute and its under 40% off~~so i bought one...where rains said its cute and suits me...

My Newly Bought only cost me RM 24.65 after discount...^^

thats all for now...cheers ppl ^^

Saturday, April 7, 2007

1st Day of Car Learning ^^

finally~~after the stage of attending a 6 hours boring undang classes...and oso passed the undang test for the 2nd time~~ive started to lrn driving ^^

this morning around 630am, my parents took ah ma and ah kong go to bagan serai to qing ah jie have to responsible to take us to the car learning at around 12:40pm ah jie fetch me to school to fetch shu wei and then we straight go to the car learning center...arive there already 1:05pm...straightly we are directed to a trainer...was very nervous...cant explain much wat he taught me...cuz its very hard to explain...i can only say now i know how to drive the correct way lol~ xD (eg: when to use no1 gear, wat to do...when wan to change to no2 gear how to change...etc)

the whole thing ends up at around come and fetch us and then brought us to buy our lunch...i guess tats all now...cheers ppl ^^ xD

(*btw im going genting for 3 days 2 night next friday~~~xD)

Monday, April 2, 2007

Worst Day In My Life 2007

im now feeling sick sitting on the sofa in my living room while watching tv...the tv is showing a movie call "Dr. Dolittle" my whole body just so hot and my head is almost about to explode...

seriously today has been a very bad day for me...start with getting know that my previous sem's results and failing my procurement assignment for the first time of my whole really dissapointed with it but im happy to know tat my procurement exam get pass...on the other hand, xiu min just told me that me and her both fail in marketing exams...

when i get to know that my procurement assignment fails, i was so sad and was actually hoping that xiu min could say something to comfort me, but she didn't ...however, rains said she will help me in re-doing my procurement assignments....after that i went back straight as in im not really feeling well...feel dizzy and was sad about my eldest sis came to fetch me home then after tat drop bibi to auntie christine's house to get bathed...she bark fiercely when we arrive auntie christine's front door (guess she remembers the owner of this house and remember how she bathed her...) however, we droped her down then my sis fetch me to old town to buy my lunch...ive bought myself 2 polo bun and a cup of ice chocolate~~

both rains and yuk thart saw tat im not happy and not feeling well so they sms me to supports me and ask me to take care myself and they will help me with my really happy they say so...><"
after tat i went home and was already fetch bibi back home as well...shes a very pretty gurl now...the cuttest female doggie in my view~~xD

was actually smsing with tat banana chee leong...right after he saw me leaving the college, he straight sms me and ask me about it...because of im sick, i didn't attend tonight de moral studies around 6:40...puga sms me to ask me whether am i not going to attend tonight's class...and he oso ask me to rest more and don worry about the assignments because they will try to help me really so happy to know that they are supporting me...><" thanks alot ler my dear classmates...i love u all...T_T

last nite was april fool nite, ive tot of a very stupid plan due to this april fool nite...i msged him to chat for a while...when i asked him wat hes doing...he told me he was watching i just ask him to give me the webby so i can watch he told me "april fool lar =X" so i told him tat actually i like him long time ago....then after a long while he reply me with "anyway im serious busy now...rushing assignments...due date tml..." (Faint~~) then i just reply him with "actually im just joking" he geng yin reply me with "i noe" (Fainted~~) however its just a joke after all...i think he wont treat wat i said as true...cuz its april fool...after that i straight off9 and continue play mahjong with ah ba and er jie them~~

tonite has been a bad night for me...for im already fever and then somo got scolded by my dad saying tat i din plan my time nicely...(in fact i DID!!! ><") i was scolded whole night until ah jie come back and help me out...after i ate my porridge i went upstairs quickly and i started to cry in my room...i feel very sad already because of my results...somo now scolded for unreasonble reason...><
while im crying, ah jie came to my room to ask me wat is really going on...and then ah jie went down to explain for me...then only my dad knows i did plan my time...ah jie gave me a panadol active fast then ask me to sleep....

however, its now over already and hopefully days like today wont be happening anymore...GOD PLS BLESS ME >.<"