Sunday, October 1, 2006

this morning~~ my hp alarm was orignally set to rang at 6:50am...but as u all know, some ppl like me just will go and off the alarm when it rang to get more sleep....well at least a while more...

when really awaked, its already 8am....and i was thinking "omg, im going to be late~~!!" then i immediately went into my bath room to brush my teeth and prepare to get my early morning bath~~

when i finish my bath, its already 8:20am...and then i change my cloth at my mom's closet... then i went back to my room to charge my mp3 player using computer power while i on my skype was on then and i saw luna's name appears on skype as usual~~ so i msged her and thinking that she wont be awake tat early, but i was wrong~~haha she replied me by directly call me on skype...

we talked alot of usual...not long after that i heard karhing sound then i know that they chatted in skype with 3 ppl together...but unfortunately 3 of them were stucking~~

at around 9:20am i told them i need to off as in im going to kl around 9:30am....but the exact time when we leave was actually 10:12am~~

along the way to kl, i keep on contact with them about the meeting up with luna in somewhere else near the place my dad wants to go *old klang road*, and thank god mid valey (Megamall) was near to the old klang road... at around 4pm, we all arrive mid valey...parked the car and call them to ask for their locations... me, my parents and my brother went into jusco and go to the 1st i call luna to tell her that ill meet them there...

finally, saw karhing and ah goh...then saw luna and i was like "omg, i met my dear sis in real life...shit...damm exciting" my face immediately turn so red and hot...i also dono why...mayb first time meet after so long we know each other? but then when after we talk a while...and after taking some pictures... i turn back to normal xD

starting i only given 5 mins to talk with them...but then luckily Wayne shows up and i asked for the permission to have a drink and talk with when we arrive Delifrance, we find a 4 person table and sat down...i sit with ah goh, luna sits with karhing...*heh heh heh heh* =X (nolar, just joking...nth special happend)

ive ordered a single scoop sundae ice-cream, ah goh and luna both ordered camomile tea...while karhing didnt order anything~~ during the whole eating and chatting session, we were so happily...and was suprise to heard dad voice suddenly came from front...coz i switched my sit with i saw them... unfortunately, when dad came back from toilet, its time for me to go already...really feel sad to go but i have to...><"

but before i leave, i told luna and said "ill be back" lmao...lalalala~~ stops here...i really still cant believe that i really met damm happy...wkakakakaka...=X

cheers ppl^^