Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby Girl @ 06/10/10 :)

Finally, my 2nd sis born a beautiful baby girl. It was early in the morning, right before I going out for work, mom received a call from my 2nd sis saying she feels something is not right and therefore my brother in law packed all her stuffs and rushed to the hospital. It was 7:50am when they call.

Right after I reach my work place at 830am, I began to feel so excited and waiting my mom’s call telling me that my sis has give birth. I waited and waited, until lunch time, I was on my way to pack my lunch, I called my mom and she told me the good news. Daddy, my eldest sis, together with my younger brother are in the car going to hospital to see my sis. I feel more happy to know both are safe :) Baby was born at 1130am.

Went there straight after finish work at 6pm (Actually asked my superior’s permission to go back early) =x Mom said we will go after dinner so after dinner around 830pm we went there together with my 2nd brother in law. Reach there and saw Ah Foong *My 2nd brother in law’s brother* is there with his gf. We all are so excited and happy to see baby and she is so adorable when she sleep :)

Can’t wait to see her to start mumbling because wanted to learn talking and crawling everywhere :P





Welcome to your new world, 陈欣宁 :)