Wednesday, January 31, 2007

cheers ^^

can hardly believe that Im about to graduate this yr...without notice, i actually study in this college for 2 yrs ++ alr...still remember b4 i enter the college, i was afraid because i went in there to study alone...without a fren..summore im a very timid was hard for me to get through it by tat time...still remember wai keong tells me that "don be afraid, many ppl go into college alone and ends up going out with a bunch of frens"

2 yrs had pass, ppl in the college come and go, like my original counselor ms loke, another counselor azrul, elissa, and many many other lecturers that taught me b4 which i like so much like ms vasanthi & mr alvin...
ppl always come and go~~which is oso a thing we cannot change

im now alr in diploma semester 5, things are getting tougher and tougher...cuz i left 2 semester to go in order for me to finish my diploma...however, my resolution for this yr is to pass all the subjects...if can, with flying colors lo...xD

last nite had this happy chatting in the chat room that consists of me, luna, nana, hola, & ps....thought they are talking about this saturday's buffet where im not involve in, but im still happy bout it...cuz i enjoy having so many ppl chat together in a chat just can cheers me up easily ...i dono why ^^ maybe because frens is always such an important part of my life...xD i think this kind of group chatting must be held mroe often...cuz tat would be a happy thing for me xD

cheers ppl...Ure the best Joey^^

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Suppose To Be A Happy Day But Turned Into A Sad Day~~T_T

ever since new semester started, i rarely meet up with ah goh's gang like how i used to in my past...but lar, i still get to meet them once a week, which is thursday~~somore at around 1230++ where my class and their class both will start at 1pm~~sigh

yesterday was suppose to be a happy day for me...becoz ive bought myself a new phone which is
Nokia 6233 with the actual price of RM730~~Yesterday went out with family at around 1245pm to Jusco, and jusco is very pack y'day becoz its weekend~~eat the lunch, bought my phones then bought 2 shirts at SODA becoz got 50% off~~after discout the price is like is consider quite ok..^^ then went back home around 6pm~~

ok as i say, yesterday was suppose to be a happy day for me, but something bad had happen in taiwan, one of a very famous taiwan drama series actress died in a car accident~~she is --> 許瑋倫

shes a very good actress and a very pretty girl...and shes only 28 yrs old this yr...reli so sudden~~ T_T
i saw this news on tv when having dinner last nite....according to the news, tat time her assistant was driving her to filming place for filiming...then car slip sudden when their car accidentaly bang on some road dividers, then their car goes to another lane and at this time, a big lorry bang the back side of their car, then she and her assistant was send to hospital...when they been send to the hospital, its around tat time, doctor says that 許瑋倫 having seriously brain damage which in chinese is call "脑部严重水肿"

after emergency rescue for 2 hours++, finally at around 7:08pm, doctor certified that emergency rescue fail...T_T TV shows one of her best fren 施易男 rush to hospital to see her for the last time...and he was cried untill no sound to answer watever the media ask him during recording this scene in the hospital...><"

since shes an actress, im sure her fans is all over the world, surely feel sad about this....there is nth much we can do now, we can only pray for her and hope that god pls bless her...><" there are so many of my frens sad about this, my fellow frens, lets pray for her *may u rest in peace*....sobss T_T

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Does Him Worth A Try? Should I Wait?

msg him, is the usual thing i nid to do if wan to chat with him...but last nite, suprisingly he msg me with "was dota-ing just now" so we starting to chat since then~~

was quite happy last nite....cuz he reli rarely msg me one...well at least he msg me last nite...and alr so happy bout till around 11pm...gave him some forum website to view as in he say hes looking for some new forum...and the forum he said wanted to ask me go view one...i cant join cuz nid password one...summore nid to contribute things to get the just forget it lo~~xD

last friday, andrew sms me...i reply his 1st and 2nd sms...untill the 3rd sms...i stop replying him...and untill last nite, when having moral classes, kuen yee came to me and tell me andrew wasnt in a good mood and seem very unhappy...and it was because of not replying his sms, he tot i got angry with him...where i didnt'...i was like..."why should i get angry of him? he didnt do anything wrong ma"....sigh~~

then only i realise i have this such big influence to him...maybe he's reli a loyal guy and sweet guy...maybe not...who knows? but he's a reli nice guy...its just my own problem...cuz my heart alr attached to another of my frens says tat i shoudlnt waste andrew's time...and should tell him....but tat would be so hurt...cuz i can feel he likes me so my planning for just let it be like now...

its reli so easy for me to have a bf straight away just depends on whether i wan anot....then some of my frens says to me like "you wan to choose the one u don like him but he likes u as a bf meh? wasting ur own time and hurt him only~" its true though...but sometimes when the one im liking now...give me negative response...i will consider back andrew...i know this is so wrong...but i reli dono is reli so complicated....

luna say im actually is a sweet gal...with quite good personality and a cute face...but i know myself is not those pretty pretty types of girl...some ppl would say, " u don't have a bf b4? its reli hard to believe..." (tat was one of my college frens say about me)

i wonder....should i wait for him till he's graduate? does it worth to wait? worth to try? hes a very harsh person, would straightly say NO to those he doesnt have feel for...such a harsh person...say not caring but not true at all...say caring oso cant, just maybe a mixture of not caring + caring...sometimes caring, sometimes not~~ summore hes a very cool type of guy...confusing~~

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Unable to concentrate in class~~

reli dono wat happen to me today....when attending mr. hirman's class...i can hardly concentrate on the thing he say...part of the reason i think is that today's topic is quite hard to understand...the 2nd reason would be thinking about last nite cuz he didnt reply my sms after i reply his sms by writting "im joey lar" lol~~

becuz of xiu min's auntie need to take care of her baby, she cant go out and buy lunch...therefore xiu min went to a restaurant to "ta bao" a rice for her auntie...she stop her car in her auntie's house then went down to take the food to her auntie...and i saw her auntie's baby...reli looks like her uncle very much...

after she hand the lunch box to her auntie...we went to old town kopitiam that is near to xiu min's auntie house to have our lunch....for food, ive ordered a bowl of soup mee and xiu min ordered a curry chicken for beverages, ive ordered a cup of ice chocolate where xiu min ordered a fresh orange of the things i eat + tax is around RM7++ so i pay xiu min RM10 and she gave me back RM 2...the total amount of both of us ated is around RM 17++

after tat we straight went to college to attend this marketing classes~~ classes tat started after lunch is always so sleep de lo..both of me and xiu min's eyes is hardly open...i mean...who wont be feeling sleepy in the class? lol..i bet everyone will feels that even though they get enough sleep last nite...LOL~~

my conclusion for today will be~~
  • sleepy head~
  • confusing thinking about tat *someone*
  • unable to "really" understand about today's topic~
thats all for today....ure still the best joey...cheers~~^^

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lunch In Secret Recipe Mid Valley

woke up quite early this morning at 5am...wash my face and bruth my teeth~~
took 1 small pillow and a small blanket into the car with me so that i can continue my sleep in the car LOL~~

arrive KL at around 8:27am (its actually consider as quite fast already~~ xD)

straightly went to a hotel call "Vistana" to meet up with a sales man which happens to be the only supplier for some chemical thingy cuz daddy needs to use tat in the factory~~

when we arrive vistana hotel, the bombay guy say hes coming back to the hotel in around 10 mins my parents and I went to a mamak stall near the hotel to eat our breakfast...for myself, ive ordered a cup of hot milo, my parents order 2 cup of hot teh tarik, one roti telur, a pack of 80 cents nasi lemak, and one mee goreng eat liao RM 9.50~~consider quite ok in KL area...

after daddy get his things from tat bombay guy, we went to desa petaling to see furniture...when we arrive there...we only know there is actually a furniture fair going daddy wait till 10am then only go see the furniture fair....

along looking at those furnitures, ive seen some cute cute stuff...and i use my handphone to capture their photos~~ xD

Below are some of the photos i captured~~ xD

we walk around this big furniture building untill 12:15pm....then we rush to mid valley to meet up with my 2nd sis~~in the end we meet up with her at center court of mid valley where mitsubishi car is showing in center of this center court in mid of the car call "Triton"....quite a big size car...cost about RM211000 with a in-car dvd player and screen which is an add-in accessory...starting we all still tot its included inside RM211000...its reli expensive ler !! LOL~~

after we finish observe this car...sudden luna appears infront of me...and im so happy to see her..^^ and she sudden gave me a prezzie!! i feel more happy about it....and then we went to secret recipe to wait for nana, ps, hola and kinz....when i open the prezzie covered with a very nice design prezzie envelope...and found a very cute and small forever friends bear....the bear is holding a string written *best friends forever*...i was so touch of it...thx alot luna dearie sis~~hugss ^^ while waiting for them to come, we both sat down a place and order thing first~~ for myself, ive ordered a fish & chip while luna ordered a cordon bleu chicken....not long after that, they all arrive, i was sitting with sit next to me while hola sit infront of me...kinz sit beside luna and nana sit infront of luna...

at first...everyone seem so quiet~~then they keep looking at secret recipe menu to see what food and drinks to order...nana order a burger, hola order a pie with alot of black pepper on top of it, ps order a very cheezy macaroni cheese with futucini and kinz order a banana chocolate for beverages, me and luna both ordered ice lemon tea, nana ordrered a fresh milk, hola order RO water, ps order oreo milk shake while kinz order chocolate milk shake~~

when everyone is starting to eat, its not so quiet after all....we start to talk and jokes around...actually had thx to kinz for joking around during the lunch~~lol...xD

while im eating my fish, hola asked me why i come to kl...i told him that i come to kl to fetch my sis...then after a while....he ask luna wat time im going back...then luna say "u ask her urself lar~~" then he look at me and ask me "when are u going back?" then i look at him and told him "after lunch then i go back lo" then he jus answer "orh"....when i nearly finish my fish, i feel so full where my plate is still full with french in ps can eat so when i know i cant finish my french fries, i asked him to help out by pointing at it and ask him to eat it....then hola look at me and ask me..."u don eat french fries one ar? " then i told him "no...but im too full to eat"...then he straightly say "i like to eat french fries so much ger lo" and then he starting to help me eat my french this time...kinz hand also help me eat some of the french fries...we eat untill 3:45pm then my 2nd sis called me to tell me that they are waiting me at the digi center there which near to deli france...for this lunch, luna pay for me to treat me eat...makes me feel abit pai seh...but she say in the future if she goes to ipoh, i treat her back lo...and i will for sure...xD

when i wanted to tell luna that during my bday i wan her to come to ipoh, instead of saying that, i said it wrongly into "when ur bday u come to my house"...and hola straightly laugh at me saying "when she bday she go ur house ar?" lol~haha~~blury me ^^" me and luna ate ler total of RM38.50...thx luna^^ we 6 person total eat up to RM choice lo...its secret recipe its ok..^^

after paying the bill, luna walked me to the digi center there and we both say bye bye and take care infront of mph bookstore...and when we was looking for nana, ps, hola and kinz them, they were actually on the elevator we both look at them and waves bye bye^^

after tat viv sis say wanted to go to her rented apartment in subang to take something..she say is somewhere around sunway university college....becuz of some mistaken...we drove to the wrong road and pass by sunway university and oso monash university...we also pass by taylor's college and notice why their fees is so expensive...cuz their building is reli huge...^^" (my own theory LOL~~) and then i notice that actually monash uni is just near to my sis's

ok thats all for this KL One Day Trip & Lunch~~

cheers joey...ure the best ^^

Monday, January 8, 2007

1st day of Semester 5

time flies~~and i believe yea it today its my first day to step in college...arrive college at ten and went up to mock-up room for the induction together with my cho junior...the meeting is as usual....time table and planner is given and we did a small farewell party for marlan as in he alr finish his training and he's therefore graduated for cert.....

things ended up at around 12am...kind of short....things are changing and where i still cant get used to the environment...wat im saying is that becoz xiu min went to langkawi berjaya to work together with some of my cho juniors....therefore when they are back now...every of the junior calls her ah not jealous or just that..i feel left out...wherever they go...or wat ever they do...they surely ask her along...perhaps ill just have to get used to be alone in my future time...haiz...

alot of ppl says that he knows it...yea i do feel he knows abit about it just that hes acting dono....and there is nth i can do about it...i guess ill just go on my life...and only chat with him when i feel i want to...ure the best joey...xD cheers~~^^

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

2nd Day Of 2007~~Revising Genting-KL Trip~~

finally...its 2007~~lol...actually wanted to blog last week...but...u know lar...>>>lazyness<<<>

December 22nd Night,

tat nite went to goh's house...chatted with see meng on goh's bed...and then went to play game in goh's comp room...then after a while...they all went out to buy cup noodles...left me and see meng in the comp long after that...they all came back...and im still playing suddenly the comp room light & fan also off...they said electric shut down...and then i saw something so light...look clearly...its a birthday cake...T_T...they really treat me so nice...seriously i dono about the cake...nearly cried ler...><" so touch ler... summore ah xiang holding the cake for me to blew...everyone singing burfday song to me...i feel very bu hao yi shi...however i cut the cake...and they starting to tell me about the cake...for this cake, ah xiang came to goh's house from afternoon after lunch...sobz...thx alot for the ya all^^

December 23rd Morning,

woke up at around 7...waited for the van while watching tv....and the van arrives at 830am...we put our things on the van and off we we arrive at genting at around 12pm...after tat we went to theme park de kfc...and waited ps at there...its quite funny though...cuz goh eating chicken so hand very oily...i help him to answer ps's phone calls and talk to him while he still dono who the heck i ~ not long after that...met ps...then only gets to know him...i look at him...and only say..."ohh...yuan lai this is ps"

after we finish our lunch at took us to his parent's hotel at theme park hotel to rest while waiting nana and piggie them come up to genting~~ and guess wat...we were playing uno...this whole game lasted for almost 3 hours...=.="...reli long eh...scary~~ the first winner was ah goh, 2nd was me...wkakaka...and then i used habby's phone to do some video recording~~wakaka...and im going to post it~~xD

finally at around 3pm...they called and said that they alr inside the hotel we walk from theme park hotel to first world hotel...reli such a long journey...xD however...when we arrive first world hotel...took the 2nd tower lift to 28th floor...stop at room 28939 and press the door bell...everyone seem abit nervous (actually only me, i dono about others felt nervous anot lol~~) when nana open the door...we walked in...kinz and ho was covered in blanket...and i was like o.O...that time the tv showing some movie...the guy and the girl were kissing in the movie...however i didnt watch much...just tat scene lol~~ after tat hola came to collect i gave him Rm100... after that we settle among the money used on cup noodles and some junk food~~ we settled everything and then they were opening small casino...kinz appears to be the ive play too..i started with 10 cent...and then i got 21 point almost everytime...and things going on from 10 cent to 20 cent, 20 to 50 cent, 50 cent to RM1...thing ends up when i lost all the money i won and i stopped and just sitting there watch them play~~

after 5-6 round of blackjack, we all got starved and decide to went down to have lunch...
our lunch for the first day was Kenny Rogers~~ quite tasty though yum yum~~the chicken is actually quite ok...just the macaroni cheese abit tasteless..=X after taking our lunch...we all decide to go to snow house...which is a place where everything is in ice...some sort like fake snow lo...xD well...ah goh got asma therefore say don wan to go in...thing ends up with they all went into the snow house where me, ah goh and wai kin went back to hotel to take bath~~ =X when we finish bathing...vicious call ah goh to ask where we are...then they came back into the room...we spend our first nite with uno and a new card game i lrn from kinz which call *bluf cards*~~ starting i was quite blur but in the end when i understand how to play the game i happens to be the first winner of the game who finish the cards on hand first~~ ngek ngek ngek xD~~ After few rounds of bluff cards, they continue with uno while some of us lying on the bed trying to sleep...and so we all slept after few rounds of uno~~

December 24th,

december 24th is karhing's birthday...i woke up at around 730am and i saw everyone is sleeping. Around 8am...hola and kinz woke and went out to take breakfast which at 8th floor...around 8...they came back and everyone is awake and we all straightly went to theme park counter to buy the outdoor tickets. The first game we play was the machine which can swing so many ppl from low to high, second was the roller coaster (seriuosly its my first time playing it lol) however after riding the roller coaster for the first time of my life...its not tat
scary after all =D after tat we went to play fun cart (racing car) alot of ppl queying up to play this game as usual...but when it comes to piggie's turn...the ppl incharge says she cant enter the game because of heigh problem...(actually im almost same height with piggie but i cheat the ppl by lifted up my feet so i looks taller and able to qualified to play this game...(feel guilty though cuz cheating) vicious quit the game to accompany piggie..after tat we went back to hotel to rest...habby and ah goh were sleeping while i just lying on the bed doing, ah xiang and wai kin went out to walk a while...they did ask hola whether wan to follow them anot while hola still in the bathroom...and i guess hola didnt heard wat ps saying and ps them went out without him....after he came out from the bathroom he went out by himself...

around 3pm, everyone came back and we play chor dai dee for a while...i use habby's phone to listen to songs while hola was sitting on bed~~ after that we all went out to play other outdoor games...the first game we play was something like roller coaster but faster...quite fun though...when we finish riding, we went to play the water coaster...xD this game is abit scary cuz we went up slowly and when on the most top we cant really see how high the front this game..everyone got wet so we all went back to hotel...take turn to bath and then when everyone is ready then we went down to count down for christmas...when we still walking..suddenly alot of ppl screaming down on the ground floor cuz the time to xmas is very close...out of a sudden everyone got lost and left us ipoh we went to giordano to meet up with ah choy...he brought us to a very famous mamak shop to eat...suprisingly its really so pack with ppls~~ after finish our dinner, we went back to first plaza to meet up with kuen yee at the cinema....along the way back to first plaza, i was shaking and hoping to get back to the plaza as soon as possible...ah choy borrowed his coat for me but after i wear his coat with my own coat inside, they said i looks like a *ketupat*zzzz...cuz i looks so big after wearing 2 coats...xD Ah choy was going to a christmas party at genting's ballroom...he ask whether we want to come along...i refused to go because i have insufficient money and summore not interested in going to a party that nite...therefore habby and ah goh send me back to the hotel room then they both went back to find ah choy and go to the party together~~

when i back to hotel, piggie was sleeping while hola, ps, vicious and kinz was playing blackjack while watching tv~~so i join them watching tv while i playing blackjack on my own phone =P and tat ps watch how i play my game and say "no wonder u always lose chor dai dee lar" lolz~~ after 2-3 games of blackjack, everyone seem so sleepy as in its alr we all plan to sleep~ Ps ask for my mp3 player so i borrowed him and then i went to sleep myself...

December 25th,

when i woke up the other morning...i heard the sound of long after tat ps went out from the bathroom and then i play chor dai dee with him again after i wash my face and brush my teeth..guess wat...i win once but kept on losing for 10 games...10 sux at it...><" around 830am, ps went out to buy the bus ticket to go back to kl~~our bus depart at 1045am and then arrive at kl at around 12pm...hola, piggie and vicious wait for their parents where we all and ps went to the front bus stop to wait for his 2 bro to fetch us to his house...ah goh, me, habby went to his 1st bro car where karhing, ah xiang and wai kin went into ps 2nd bro's car~~we direct went to take our bath when we reach ps house~~ at around 145pm, hola drive his car to ps house to fetch us go eat lunch...hola fetch vicious, piggie, me and ah goh where ps fetch karhing, habby, ah xiang and wai kin~~ we went to a "yong liu" restautant to eat "yong tao fu those stuff"...after the lunch those who follow hola's car went to piggie's house...her house is quite nice and she is really has a quite rich family...we went upstairs to piggie's room and get to know piggie's sis - sok chyn/lil gan chan~~after piggie change her cloth, they took the racket and we went out again...piggie and vicious one car, ah goh me and hola one car...on the way to the badminton place, hola ask me whether am i going back on tuesday...i told him ya...then he says ask me to tell my mom tat ill be back on i just answer "orh"~~ not long after tat they start to play the middle of the game...i join them in playing badminton...around 5pm..hola send us back then piggie and vicious went back to take bath~~ when i came out from the bath room...only i notice no one is bathing except me...which makes me feel very pai seh~~@@"

vicious fetch hola, me and wai kin where others in ps's *ferari*~~we all went to a thai restaurant near piggie house to have our dinner~~vicious and piggie responsible to order the dishes and they have order a plate of dumpling chicken, a plate of egg dish, a plate of vege, an a plate of fish...suprisingly the saurce of the fish is extremely hot though is just a pale color liquid that looks like just normal water...i also only ate abit of the fish...becoz the saurce of it is reli unexpectedly spicy...peng sang who sit beside me was sweating when he ate the fish...then only i know he can't really can stand over spicy food...but he still can eat spicy things just that there is a limit for him to eat spicy food~ during the dinner, i was wanting to take the egg(but u know lar, short ppl got short hand lolz) my hand wasnt long enough to take the egg dish...i tot no one saw it but hola saw it and cut it for me then only i take tat part of the egg dish...quite nice of him though..when we all finish the dinner, vicious fetch me and wai kin to ps house..wai kin sit left hand seat, hola sit middle seat where i sit the right hand seat...chatted a while with hola and then suddenly piggie's bro seem wanted to reverse his car...hola went infront to drove the car incase piggie's bro wanted to reverse the car...after asking piggie's bro...he said he's not wanting to reverse his car...and also at this time vicious them came out from the piggie's house and hola happens to sit right hand seat where i change to sit in the middle...we all chatted until back to ps's house.. when we all back to ps's house, ah goh them seem tired and i played chor dai dee with ps, hola, and vicious while we all watching channel 30 showing the show of "hotel wind cloud"(my own translation cuz i dono how to describe =X)

At around 11:30...they all decide to leave to yum cha with some of their others i went back into the room and chat with ah goh & habby untill 3am++ while looking at those photo we took by habby's camera...then i cant stand it and went to sleep~~

December 26th,

woke up at around ps...cuz his parents ask us to join for the we all woke up and brushed our teeth...becoz of me and habby ready faster, therefore we follow ps's parents car with ps 2nd bro and cousin bro in the car~~guess wat? we have bak kut teh for our breakfast...quite nice lo the sup...we sat there and prepare for breakfast...not long after tat they we all starting to eat our bak kut teh~~

when we finish our fetch me, ah xiang, kar hing and wai kin to mid valley while ah goh and habby fetch by vicious and piggie~~around 20 mins later...we all arrive mid valley (mv) and we gather at the bowling place...near the bowling place, got a small arcade i use RM5 to play a while in the arcade centre while waiting vicious them to come over...around 10 mins later...hola arrive at the arcade centre also...after that he went to watch ppl playing a gunshot game which call time crisis 4...the ppl who playing it is seriuosly quite professional...his score is like 200k++...crazy leh~~!! =.=" around 10 mins later...vic them arrives and then we all went to sushi king to eat our, ah xiang, hola and ps sits on one table where others sit in another table...after the lunch, we went into the bowling place to play charges RM12 for each person and each person got 2 game to play...which also meaning that 1 game got 10 round...we all played happiliy and ended bowling at around 4:15pm as in we've bought tickets to watch the movie at the cinema which is called "confession of pain"~~

confession of pain is acted by my favourite actor tony leong with takeshi this movie, starting tony leong was a police officer and takeshi kanishiro was his staff under him...not long after that takeshi's gf suicide and he felt so sad and quited the job of police but change to become a personal detective....he's been searching for years for the reason of his gf's suicide~~ cant remember much about the movie actually...but i remember this movie ends up with tony leong suicide soon after his gf died on the hospital bed that is right to him...he shot himself to death...where takeshi kanishiro be together with su qi~~ this movie is actually quite sad...i pity tony leong ler...sobz ><"

after the movie, hola fetch me, ah goh and habby back to ps around 8pm...hola & ps fetch us to the curve to have our dinner...when we arrive there...everywhere is pack with is italianese...however in the end we found a spot in italinese and sat down to have our dinner around 10pm...we finish our dinner and ready to go we go back seperately as in those who follow ps car follow back his car and where those who follow hola's car follow back hola's car...hahaha xD

on the way to fetch kinz, i asked ah goh about andrew..becoz of habby doesnt know about i explain to her about how andrew chase me those stuff...hola just remain quiet and driving untill we arrive kinz's house...he drop us infront of kinz' house where i go tumpang at ps's car and habby & ah goh go to kinz's car cuz hola said tired and wan go the rest of us went to spicy(a mamak stall) to yum cha~~at around 1130...we all went back to ps house and we all sleep after that....ah goh told me something before i sleep...he said tat while im talking about andrew hola is actually keep smiling~~i wonder why lolz

December 27th,

was actually needed to be wake up at 8am in the morning but ends up everyone woke up at 12pm....i woke up at around 10am but at tat time no one awake so i just sitting there doing nth but watching them sleeping...after ps woke up...he calls vicious to come and fetch us to the bus stand to buy tickets...and we bought the bus ticket to back to ipoh which will depart at 2:30pm...b4 tat we went to eat something to fill our stomach and then ive sms hola to tell him we depart and thx for everything...goh also had sms vicious to thx ah goh sits with habby, i sit with ah xiang, and karhing sit with wai kin...we all arrive at ipoh at around 5pm...seriuosly tat bus is really makes us suffer cuz half way goin back to ipoh his aircon we are like having free "sauna" services...lolz

there goes the detail about this genting~kl trip^^

Cheers Ppl~~^^