Monday, April 16, 2012




I have to cut down my emotions (already in progress), I shouldn’t show so much emotional to my friends around me. Thanks to mei and sai, and most importantly my dearest close friend, Peng Gor aka EJ.

Not to mention nag about anything just nag for awhile then just move on to another topic, don’t drag too long. Have to always remind myself, to be considerate and change my current image in my friends.

However, my guiltiness inside me is killing me. I have to go into audi and pretend everything is alright. Can’t afford to lost the friends around me, so no more emo for me. I swear! Decision has been made, actions need to be carried out.

Peng gor, I would like to express how sorry I am towards you, I say those to everyone we both is my fault but I didn’t know what to do when you treated me coldly it sucks to be treated that way. I want to see if they can help me on this issue therefore I try each and everyone of them whom we know. Despite the fact I have a reason for this, I know I shouldn’t and I’m wrong. You are right to be mad at me. I deeply apologize. :(

I will change, I really will try harder to change. >.<


Monday, April 9, 2012

Le Paris Here I Come! :)

Marina Bay Sands?  Poofed. Gone like a wind, not going anymore… =(

France? Yes please. Ticket has been booked and taken, date has been confirmed and this means Le Paris Here I come ! However, it cost me around 6k T_T

Nevertheless, I have to go on this trip no matter how, I might still very young but my friends around me are not able to go with me on this =/

Lately, everything is weird, people around me, things that is happening, it’s all weird, even at my work place. On work issue, I tell myself, no matter what changes I felt, as long as I do my part well, that’s all, just so simple. Can’t afford to lose my job and I know I wont! =)

P.S: Some may think eating alone is carefree and worriless, it is true but it can be very lonely too sometimes. =/

God please bless me on everything.

Recently, I feel the changes in my good friend peng gor. We’ve been so close for so many years, we can on phone for 1 hour plus and laugh non stop, but for the past few weeks I feel difference in him, don’t ask me what I just feel the difference on him. Confronted him and he say he might be changed but want me to know that it’s not because of me or he dislikes me or he hates me. IT’s not. He convinced me that everything is alright and ask me don’t worry. I understand that people changes in time, maybe I just need to learn to adapt the changes and adjust myself to the changes around me. =/

Bought myself a Dior Liquid Foundation last week.


This bottle of foundation cost me RM120 (Thanks to Carol Sis’s voucher discounted RM20.) =)


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Hunger Games

Watched “The Hunger Games”. Don’t really like this movie much, it’s too cruel for me, the point is, why not just name it “The Hunting Each Other Game”, at least it sounds more honest to me. In this movie, there are total of 12 District in that country. Each of the District will have 1 chosen team which consist of 1 boy and 1 girl to represent their district. The last survivor in this game will be the winner. Which also mean “Kill other people first if you don’t want to get killed.” In conclusion, I don’t like this movie, BUT…it’s fun enjoying movies with my siblings. :)
Mr. Lam then suggest we go Sushi King. We had our lunch and then I went to renew the AEON Member Card, paid around RM24 for 3 years. I’m going say, they should create more counters for renewal! We need to press number from the que-ing machine and wait for the numbers. I took the number before our lunch at 3pm. Guess what? When I’m done with my lunch I decide to go upstairs and check if the number is passed. Went up I still need to wait for 5 numbers and its already near to 4! =_= scary. 

Looking forward so much to my Marina Bay Sand and France ! *.*