Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My earliest birthday present of this year. From My Da Jie ^^

Thanks a lot :x


DSC00981 DSC00990

DSC00998 DSC00989


Half of it is Lip Gloss, the other half is the roller ball Be Delicious Fragrance. Limited Edition. It cost RM 90.00.

P/s: Happy birthday to foon, may you have a great ones. =)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Skipped class because not feeling so well today. Ever since someone came back to my life, I feel more happy everyday now. I’m happy of how we are now. ^^


However, Happy birthday to Sok Teng and Happy birthday to Raymond who is in Sydney now. May you both have a great ones. Cheers ^^

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mama’s Birthday ^^

Happy Birthday to my dearest lovely Mama ^^ May you healthy and happy always. ^^ I just want to say, I love you mama ^^

Happy birthday to you…

Happy birthday to you…

Happy birthday to Mama…

Happy birthday to you… ^^

Today is mama’s birthday according to our Chinese lunar calendar. Its ba yue chu shi. Mama loves to eat Chinese cuisine and so we went to Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant to celebrate this wonderful day of the year ^^

Bon Appetite~ =p



DSC00968Sweet & Sour Meat  DSC00970



Green Vegetables


Assam Prawn :x

DSC00977Mama blowing candles. ^^

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Can’t Smile Without You.

Saw this on tv after came back from dinner. This song is indeed a very cute song. I can’t smile without you. =P

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Happy birthday my dear Carol sis, may you have a great ones. =) This is the sms I sent to my sis this morning when I wake up. Although at times we have arguments and disagreements,  but deep down, I know you do cares about me and my future. You are just trying to make me into a better person. Hereby, I apologize for all the mistakes I’ve done and hope you will forgive me. ^^

Anyway, we went to have our dinner in a newly open restaurant in Jusco. This shop is located next to KBox Embassy. You will see this restaurant by your right hand side before you reach KBox Embassy’s entrance. At first I thought it is a Japanese Cuisine restaurant but ends up it is a oriental mix japanese restaurant. It is call *Takahashi Cafe*. They have just started their business around 1 month ago.

  The MenuDSC00945

My Green Tea


Mushroom Soup


Chicken Teriyaki Set


Prawn and Scallop Pizza


Mango and Banana Pizza


All those above are foods that we ordered. There are 8 of us excluding my 3rd sis and including 2 of my brother-in-law. It cost mama around Rm140++. I asked mama if she thinks the food there is expensive, she say “not cheap lor” hahahahaha. But seriously, the pizza in this restaurant is very different from pizza hut. I think they smell better with the smell of milk. However, I totally don’t think this Mango and Banana Pizza is tasty. The taste of banana just cannot go with the pizza. Taste so weird to me. ><

The manager of this restaurant is very generous and good in customer service. When he found today is my sis’s birthday, he gave us complimentary ice cream to everyone of us.


And lastly, The Cake of the night.


Once again, Happy birthday my dear sis. ^^

Friday, September 25, 2009


一個人 眺望碧海和藍天
在心裏面 那抹灰就淡一些
好時光都該被寶貝 因爲有限
妳的心有一道牆 但我發現一扇窗
就算妳有一道牆 我的愛會攀上窗台盛放
Repeat *
妳的心有一道牆 但我發現一扇窗
就算妳有一道牆 我的愛會攀上窗台盛放

This song somehow reminds me of someone I care a lot. Hope one day I can really across the wall in his heart and melt all his sadness ><

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Than Before.

Ever since my good friend come and talk back to me, I feel so happy and  I’ve never felt as happy as this before. Mostly is because of changes between us. We are close friends now. We supports each other and we listens to each other. Although I do love him but I’m already satisfied with our current situation now. I guess we both are having happy times talking to each other. When he’s sad I will cheer him up, when I’m emo he will don’t allow me to emo.

I dare to say in comparison, I am far more positive already and he is the reason who supports me and encourage me to be positive. Another reason is that I did promise him to get rid of all of my bad points. I guess my effort pays well. =P

However, I just want to say no matter what happens, I will always stay beside you, supports you and listen to you. I’ll pei you no matter what. =) We’re close friends ma, I’m really very satisfied with how we are now. I’ll do what you ask me to, time is never an issue to me. Gambateh neh, we will walk through this together, maybe not now, but I will still pei u walk through this together. I have faith you can de. Cheer up! ^^


I know you might say I thick face after this picture. Bleh. :x

Wednesday, September 23, 2009



Sponge Bob Square Pants has been a quite hot cartoon for kids. However, cartoons has no age limit one ma, anyone by any age can love cartoon. My close friend loves to watch SpongeBob square pants. I love to watch Courage the Cowardly Dog. :x I believe everyone has their own favorite cartoon show they love to watch. For myself, those I watched during my child hood are including:

Power Rangers


Power Puff Girls

Dexter Laboratory

Pinky and the Brain

Tom and Jerry

PB & J Otter

Courage the Cowardly Dog

For now, these are the shows I remember to be my favorite show during my child hood. Another show who influence me the most until now is call Wizard of Oz. It is a very classic movie. Dorothy and her little dog call Toto.

Dorothy and Toto

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Huge Lion.

huge lion I would say this is indeed a very huge lion! Special thanks to Jie for taking this awesome shot! I think he’s probably enjoying his afternoon sleep because he looks so tired. =(

Rest more ba Mr. Lion from Korea. =P

Monday, September 21, 2009

Silly Meets Up. Bleh.

And so I went out with Mee Kee today. It’s been quite a long time since our last meet, I think it was 2 years ago in Mid Valley. She was late and so she treated me Baskin Robins. :x I still remember it cost her around Rm15. :x

Went to meet her in Jusco at first around 1130am and then we went to Parade together in separate cars. We were firstly thought to have Sushi King for lunch but then due to Mee Kee was wanting to drink so we went to Kenny Roger which is just opposite Sushi King.

Ordered a quarter meal together with 3 side dishes including 2 macaroni cheese and one smashed potato. Ordered one Extreme Chocolate Blend and shared with Mee Kee. It feels so happy talking to this best buddy of mine. I think we have been buddies since we were Form 1, which is when we are still 13 years old. Two silly girls talk and sit together in the class. Although she’s now in KL but we still keep in contact and were very close even though after our graduation 5 years ago.

I bought two books by Amy Cheong again. I just simply love her books because I strongly agrees on what she wrote in her book. We even go and buy birthday presents for her sis due to her sis’s birthday is just around the corner. She spend RM40 on buying her sis a *Fat Cat* song’s collection. We took a few photos before we left. They are silly but we are happy, so I don’t care! :x


DSC00451 DSC00450

DSC00456 DSC00455 DSC00452 DSC00454

Lalala, we are crazy. Bleh. =P

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Raya Celebration.

Today is the official day for Raya this year. The Raya date was originally on tomorrow according to the calendar. However, due to some reason *I have no idea*, the government announced that today is the official Raya for this year.

Applied car from bro yesterday, got my car and drove there at 12:45pm. Thanks God for blessing me, everything was quite smooth along my way to McD Medan Gopeng. ^___^ Xiu Min smsed me earlier that she will be waiting me at McD Medan Gopeng so she can take me to Ms. Nurainie house where I don’t know the place. Reach McD around 1:06pm and follow Choon Chuen’s car to Ms Nurainie’s house. First round’s lunch is at Ms. Nurainie’s house. Miss even bake very cute and small cupcakes served on the table in a box. Feel surprise and happy to see Fiona there. =) She wearing a very pretty hair band ^^

The cupcake I picked.


The box full of cupcakes










Stay at Ms. Nurainie’s house until 230pm. I take a ride in Ms. Nurainie’s car and went to Mr. Hirman’s house. It has been 2 years since he went to UK 2 years ago. However, Sir is still as thin as last time. I was somehow though that he would be at least abit fatter after he stayed in UK for almost 3 years. However, I feel so happy to meet sir. Meeting up with him again reminds me of how I used to make him puke blood. *Sorry Sir, I feel bad about that =(* But I do feel happy for Sir, he’s doing pretty well in UK. He is now working in a Japan Cuisine restaurant which he was paid 7 pounds per hour! I would say that is a very nice pay :x

Everyone is busy talking to Mr. Hirman, asking him about his life and also his working life in UK. Sir is going to start his Master when he go back UK tomorrow at 6pm. Sir, we will definitely miss u so much, take care and keep in touch. =)

Something special found in Mr. Hirman’s house.


What is the thing my thumb is holding? Its call erm Dried Agar Agar. I eat this before because my mom make it once. It’s tasted quite sweet though. If anyone eats this everyday? I guarantee that the person will get diabetes faster than the speed of rocket :x

Went home around 4pm and start to help out in the factory. Work until 7pm and then went home. Since its Raya, papa say wants to bring our maid to help her celebrate Raya since she is not with her family during this festive season. We went to Pizza Hut! Its been some time since we had our pizza in pizza hut. Normally we just ordered through online and they will deliver to my door step. We had Island Supreme and also Haiwaii Chicken.

DSC00938  DSC00937DSC00940

Tomorrow will be a very emo day for me. I knew it. Sigh.

Hope and pray so much and so my day will be smooth tomorrow. Meeting Mee Kee tomorrow. It’s been a long time since our last gathering in KL 2 years ago. She’s my best buds in sec school until now. =) Hope everything will be back to normal when I wake up tomorrow. =)

P/s: For some unknown reason, I hate myself tonight. ><

I need someone to remind me of something positive. >< Can anyone tell me now? ><

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Romantic. :x

Awww, the guy so romantic. This video so sweet. If I’m the girl I’ll feel superb sweet. T.T

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Night.

Raya is just around the corner, 2 more days until the new year for Malay peoples. =) I hereby wish all the Malay peoples Selamat Hari Raya. It is another long weekend for most of the people. 4 days holiday continuous starting from Saturday until next Tuesday. May you all enjoy this holiday season with your friends and family.

Been having period pain since yesterday and it’s really torturing. T.T. I want to be a guy in my next life. LOL :x I’m not saying its bad to be a girl. Girl somehow has some privileges where guys don’t have. For example, if you go pub or cinema, there will always be a Ladies Night. On this night, ladies are given special price as for cinema. For pub, ladies drink for free during this night.


There is this article I saw while *surfing* around just now.

*How to be a good boyfriend?*

  • Step 1

    No one's perfect- The very first point which needs to be understood for being the best boy friend is to realize that NO human being is perfect and no matter how many expectations you might have from your relationship they would not always be met. Remember that no matter how hard you try there would be small quarrels and disagreements in the relationship which is normal. Perseverance is very important aspect of any relationship.

  • Step 2

    Make every day special- Every woman wishes to get a guy who can make each and every day special for her and make her feel like a queen. Therefore learn to do something new for her each day, does not matter how small or big it is. Just make an effort; an effort is all what is needed to keep it going great.

  • Step 3

    You are not always right- You need to realize that you would not always be right when it comes to certain things therefore it is good to shed your ego for a while and be patient enough to listen to her.

  • Step 4

    Be committed- Every woman aspires for a man who is good enough to commit in a relationship. You should be willing to commit from your heart if you want to become a best boy friend and a guy every woman would love to be with.

  • Step 5

    Solve problems with smiles- Don't let problems sound like problems in the relationship. If you feel her mood is down or she might be feeling depressed put on a some nice music life her up and start dancing. Let her know that you are always there for her and problems would not be problems anymore when you are around.

    No one is born to be a good lover. Even in a relationship, couples are learning to be a better lover, that’s how I think. So, it’s ok for not being a good lover, just improve and compromise with your couples. =) Couples grow together and improve together in a relationship. It is a good thing =)

  • Thursday, September 17, 2009


    There are some changes since yesterday. I feel happy with the changes. Hope everything will be this smooth for my following days and months. =)

    Saw this cute video posted on facebook. Thanks to Ivan for posting it. =D

    The husky is saying I love you. So cute! =D

    Wednesday, September 16, 2009

    Body Temperature Checking.

    Was late for class already due to some reason. Class at 1pm but I arrive college at 130pm. Paiseh Mr. Chow :x

    When I enter college, the Indian uncle stopped me and check my body temperature to make sure I’m not having fever. After he check my body temperature, I got this marking on my hand.


    It is somehow quite a smooth and good day for me. Thanks God. =)

    Good things will eventually happened when you least expect them. So we must be positive. =)

    Tuesday, September 15, 2009

    All The Best.

    Finally, my best friend has decided to go London first. He loves London so much I guess. =p We are young and we should experience something different if we get the chance. =)

    I know you have been struggling and I’m glad that you finally made a decision based on what your heart wants. =D

    Ivan, I hereby wish you all the best and I’ll support you no matter what decision you made =) I’m so glad to have know you and we became best friends =D

    Cheers =D

    Best Friends Forever =)


    Monday, September 14, 2009


    Thanks to my lovely Er Jie for intro this song to me. I love it to bits. The lyrics are very touching and I hate the last part of the lyrics of this song.





    Already break up time, still say you love her for what? =.=

    Sunday, September 13, 2009

    8 years Best Friend. =)

    Finally, See Meng is going to Penang to work starting tomorrow. Been trying so hard to help her find work in here so she could say and work in Ipoh. However, she got a better job in Seberang Perai. I feel happy for her but also sad for myself cause I will not go out if she’s not going with me.

    I will be staying at home after all. No outings no gathering no nothing until she comes back from penang during weekends. However, I hereby wish her all the best in her new work place. =)

    Best Friends Forever. =)

    We’ve been best friends for 8 years already. Must cherish =)

    AC104 I’m glad to have you as my best friend See Meng, may our friendship stays forever =)

    Saturday, September 12, 2009

    A Lovely Song That Makes Me Cry. T.T

    A song from a movie call “The Wedding Singer” (1998)*

    "Grow Old With You"
    [Billy Idol (Speaking):] Good afternoon everyone.
    We're flying at 26,000 feet, moving
    up to thirty thousand feet, and then we've got clear skies
    all the way to Las Vegas, and right now we're bringing you some in-flight
    entertainment. One of our first-class passengers would like to sing you a song
    inspired by one of our coach passengers, and since we let our first-class
    passengers do pretty much whatever they want, here he is.
    [Robbie Hart (Singing):]

    I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad
    Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
    All I wanna do is grow old with you
    I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches
    Build you a fire if the furnace breaks
    Oh it could be so nice, growing old with you
    I'll miss you
    Kiss you
    Give you my coat when you are cold
    Need you
    Feed you
    Even let ya hold the remote control
    So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink
    Put you to bed if you've had too much to drink
    I could be the man who grows old with you
    I wanna grow old with you

    I bet if any guy sing this song to me, I will surely marry him. But of coz lar, got condition. =P

    Friday, September 11, 2009


    Happy birthday to Ah Bee! A guy net best friend I had 5 years ago. Ever since he study in college few years back, we seldom contact already. Still remember we know each other through a very old chat room thingy call mIRC, quite hot back in when I’m 15 years old. Icq, mIRC, even msn is not as hot as it is back then.

    Anyone, for some reason we’re net best friend for 5 years. Although we didn’t contact much already, but I still sms him and wish him happy birthday. He reply me *thanks =)*.


    P/s: Click on this photo to get a larger picture. =)

    Despite Ah Bee’s birthday, few years back this date, something huge and bad happened in USA. I believe no one can forget about that 911 incident. God bless to those who passed away during this sad incident few years back. ><

    Thursday, September 10, 2009

    Management Accounting.

    Accounts are getting confusing and complicated. It is not that I lack of confidence, it’s because I don’t really fully understand the whole thing even though I am very concentrate during accounting classes. Out of 100%, I think I can only understand partly of each topic.

    Double Entries: 80%

    Trial Balance: 80%

    Balance Sheet: 60%

    Profit & Lost Account: 50%

    Prepaid Income: 50%

    Prepaid Expenses: 50%

    Accrued Income: 50%

    Every single time my account is balanced, I will be so so happy. Because most of the time my accounts are not balance :x

    Hopefully I will be able to answer during exam. God please bless me with lots of luck. Gambateh neh Joey! ^^

    Wednesday, September 9, 2009


    This date is a very unique date. For it only happen once in a life time. Today is also my Er Jie’s birthday.

    Happy Birthday my dear lovely Er Jie ^^ May you have a great ones. =)

    For Chinese, this date brings the meaning of everlasting. Due to this reason, there are 200 pairs of couple registered to be together on this beautiful date, how sweet. =) They wished they can be together forever, at least at that moment, they really wish to be with their loves one as long as possible. I hereby wish whoever registered on that day an everlasting love life. =)

    However, it was a not quite smooth day for my day today. =s

    Once again, Happy Birthday My dear Lovely Er Jie ^^.  <33


    Tuesday, September 8, 2009

    I miss her. My Jie. =/

    BoysOverFlowersToday is the 4th day since jie went for her Korea trip together with her mom and her brother Terence last Saturday night at 8pm. I have no idea why do I like to share all my stories with her. She cheers me up with her own jokes every time when I’m emo-ing or sad-ing. It’s only 4 days never talk to my jie, I already miss her so much. But I know she must be so exciting and enjoying her Korea trip. Eating, walking around, shopping and of course *hunting* for the sight of handsome Korean guys like Ji Hoo or Yi Jung! =P

    I simply love to tell her my stories and I feel thankful to know her because she really supports me and be there for me during my sad times. Not only sad times but also happy times. We will discuss which guy is handsome, scream together on skype when we agrees on the same thing. =P

    I simply love my jie. =p

    Jie, Thanks for always be there for me especially during my hard times few months ago. Although you are not my real sis, but we’re like real sisters and yet better than real sis. =P However, I want to say, I love you jie. =P

    Monday, September 7, 2009

    My Bibi Girl.


    I love my bibi girl very very much. Muacks. May you healthy and happy always. =) Muacks. =p

    Sunday, September 6, 2009

    Simply Don’t Understand.

    I’ve been having this question in my mind due to the things between me and a good friend of mine. You said nothing happened between us, but you somehow makes me feel I am bothering you. I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t scold you for no reason, I was even worrying you about your situation with your girl. But I thought to give you some space to relax down yourself, and so I didn’t talk to you much on msn.

    I mean, why can’t we continue be good friend still if nothing actually happened? I really don’t understand. Can someone tell me why? Cause I really don’t want to lose such a good friend. I thought last Saturday we were still discussing about my KL dinner? However, the hard time will pass, just hold strong, as your good friend, I will surely support you no matter what. Cheer up! ^^


    P/s: Just a random photo stolen from Aixin’s facebook photo album. =P

    Saturday, September 5, 2009

    Totally Incredible. xD

    I bet there are no one else can do what they did. =P Really incredible. =D

    P/s: Thanks to Calvin, he posted this on facebook. Else I won’t know such talent exists. Thanks Calvin =)

    Friday, September 4, 2009

    A Song that Touches My Heart.

    Although this movie quite old already, where you can see Nicholas Cage still very young. *No offence* I do like this song a lot. It soothes my heart. =) Hope you all will enjoy this song ^^

    Thursday, September 3, 2009

    Law Of Attraction.

    Never really heard of this before until my best friend tells me about it last night. He says there is this law call *Law of attraction*. For everything you think of it, and you wish for it. And you keep repeat wishing for it again and again, we might finally get what we want. It may not be 100% the exact thing when we get the outcome but most likely it will be what we think and wished earlier.

    Perhaps I should start to think this way too. It’s not a bad thing though cause it sound so positive to me. We should think the positive way, right? ^^

    Found this through Wikipedia.

    The Law of Attraction claims to have roots in Quantum Physics, although this is dismissed by the scientific community as pseudoscience. According to proponents of this law, thoughts have an energy which attracts whatever it is the person is thinking of. In order to control this energy to one's advantage, proponents state that people must practice four things:

    1. Know exactly what you want.
    2. Ask the universe for it.
    3. Feel, behave and know as if the object of your desire is already yours (visualize).
    4. Be open to receive it and let go of (the attachment to) the outcome.

    Thinking of what one does not have, they say, manifests itself in not having, while if one abides by these principles, and avoids "negative" thoughts, the universe will manifest a person's desires.

    However, last night I went through a very exciting experience. Got taken up to the sky and got dragged down to the ground in just 30 mins time. I took a deep breathe and sigh speechlessly. =(


    I wonder, how long will I still need to be sitting alone on a moon like her? =/ It feels like she’s gonna blow by the wind anytime soon. =/

    Wednesday, September 2, 2009

    Training Flashbacks.

    Looking back all the photos taken during my industrial training in Dorsett Regency Hotel Kuala Lumpur 2 years ago. All the memory flash back and feels like they just happened yesterday. Get to know Albee, Sen, Chee Weng, Catherine, Qin Wan, Mei Yin, Jeen Yee, Grace, Ah Fai, Ah Kit, Roy, Tommy, and of course, Simon. Feel so glad to have known them because they are all good people. Knowing Simon is quite weird because we only start to talk to each other only since the last week of my training in Dorsett, weird right? Before that we don’t talk at all. It is because I don’t need to be trained in kitchen, else I will trained by him. Still remember last time me, Catherine, Albee, and Qin Wan will discuss which who who who is cute and that time we were actually agrees that we think Simon looks cute. :x If we happens to work at the same shift, they we will go shopping or go watch movie together after work. So Fun! ^^

    We even created nicknames for our HR Manager at that time. We call her *Fruit  Juice*.  Even though I don’t get paid for my training in Dorsett, but I miss my training time so much because I accompany by this group of good people. Thanks to all of those who I mention on above. =)

    Here are some photos taken during my training in KL. =)

    Me and Catherine in Main Kitchen

    Catherine & Me In Main Kitchen

    Ah Fai and Me

    Ah Fai & Me in Main Kitchen

    Albee and Me









      Mei Yin and Catherine















    Aida, Albee, Sen, and Chee Weng













    Hopefully we can meet up again. =)