Monday, January 25, 2016

Most Important Question (MIQ)

In this brand new year of 2016, there are a few things on my must-achieve list.
In this brand new year, I’ve been inspired to become someone better than who I was currently or years before that. Understand what I want in life through a list call the 3 Most Important Questions which also in short (MIQ) which also introduce by a friend of mine :) This question actually created by Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley.
Most Important Question
Forgot to put in the experience tab, to work in one of the international chain hotel someday this year.
Anyway, I love my new nail color! It’s peach and it makes my finger look so fair :p
Manicure @ 24.1.16
SOMEONE say will hold my accountability on my MIQ for 2016. I knew it when he ask me to send him my MIQ for this year ;/ Perhaps its good to have someone to grow together, a growing buddy or partner :)
I will also improve more on my make-up skill. Guess I have lots to achieve this year! Geez! Gonna work harder and stay focus!
On the other hand, I always believe no one is as busy as he is until can’t reply a text. It just means the subject is not as interesting as it was anymore. I should always remind myself to remember action speaks louder! Don’t believe a single damn thing a guy said until he really show it via action. Joey Chong! If he’s too busy to even reply a text, perhaps I should find someone who would ! And I do believe that good things are worth the wait and they are on their way to meet me :) Be POSITIVE is the best thing I must do ba :)
Career wise I would say I don’t feel productive and to sell a product you just got to love it but I don’t find myself loving a bit of the product I’m selling. The new GM has came by to look see look see last Saturday.
Didn’t know he hated his current workplace until I told him I wanna quit mine when I get better opportunity. He actually encourage me to try working in KL. I told him we can only be patience and keep looking for better opportunites which he agrees and doesn’t want to talk much about it. HAHA!
Thats all for now, and last but not least,
Me @ 2016
A random selfie of 2016 :) Cheers ! :P

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