Monday, January 11, 2016

Dream Big !

Starting to believe that everything happens for a reason. One door is closed, another door will be opened.

No doubt what happened 2 months ago was one of the darkest moment of my life and it has been very torturing for both me and my family. I admit it my biggest mistake as of now and it was rather very painful to me too personally.

Leaving a comfort zone was definitely another type of pain to begin but I guess it is one of the lesson we have to learn in life. I am very grateful to be able to work under Mr. Eugene, my mentor. He was being very patience towards me and taught me well on a lot of things. One of them was we have to be very meticulous in everything we do. Guess we both are also a fan of perfections when it comes to paperwork. He is always open to my ideas whenever I have in mind. Of course not all my special ideas is “accepted” but still he never once refuse listening to them. He always tell me that I’m the only one who he would spend 45 minutes of his busy schedule to talk to me which for that I’m very very grateful.

Which also due to this incident of me leaving WEIL Hotel, I began to discover my dream, despite I know it’s rather late to finally know what I want in my life in terms of career, well I guess its always better late than never :)

Dream Big is something what Ivan used to do and say to me. His dream is to be with one of the top airlines in the world which he already succeed obviously, happily flying with the uniform he’ve been dreaming of, the Emirates Airlines. Dubai is some place he never thought he will be someday but he focused on his dream and his dreams came true. Talking about my dream, I want to work in one of the chain hotel in the world so I could stay in any property in the world using staff rate. To be honest, small part of me always have the needs of feeling proud of the hotel I’m representing. Perhaps a small part of me has a strong ego needs. It may sound as silly as it seems but this is currently my goals to achieve, hopefully by this year.

IN the mean time, I’m actually working in a small boutique hotel in town. I’ve been taught for only 2 days to actually learn what the gm has been doing for the past 2 years. Honestly, I’m panic like hell, because this is something new to me. Though as good as it seems, yep I’ve been told several times about the beauty of online marketing by the GM. Online marketing I would say is a rather technical and interesting things to learn with guidance. What I have known is the basic fundamental of it, to learn more I would say I need a mentor. Not that I cant learn on my own but I’m really scared. To me, its a place to learn, but achieving my goal is somewhere else, coz I know deep down this is not where I wanted to be.

I would literally never think I would consider KL as an option to work in. All this while it has been either Singapore or Ipoh. But given the competition in Singapore is getting stronger due to the dropping of our conversion rate. It’s SGD1 = MYR3.03. Back to my story, I’m actually considering Doubletree by Hilton. As silly as it may seems, that’s all in my mind now.

Till the next update, that’s all for now.

Wish me all the best peeps ;)


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