Sunday, July 30, 2017


Didn’t know where to begin when I’m feeling this way. I feel empty in my life now, not that I don’t count my blessings nor I’m not grateful about what I have in life but I really do feel empty deep inside my heart, it’s like there is an empty hole inside my heart.

A little update on my career, currently feeling so much to leave given what happened early this month. I did not blogged about it because I don’t like to blog about sad stuff as they are not good to be remembered even though the lessons from each bad things will make us stronger than before. The conclusion: Bad things happened for far too many times, mostly are not my fault but by unfair treatment whereby there is nothing can be done at my current place. Solution? Job hunting mode on 150% (Applying as much as I could in a day time) It took me 3 days to digest what happened but I was blessed with lunch treats from my friends and by media who came by and for that I am thankful.

Love Life? Empty. As much as I wanted to talk about someone here, recently there is just no one to talk about? All was just some random chatty buddy which came and go before you can even remember whether it’s Terence, Kenneth, or Liau. Someone say it’s good that you’re not into no one therefore you won’t get sad or hurtled but what surprised me that empty feeling is even worst as you got no one to think about or rather to miss. Two of my fortune teller told me one same truth which I strongly believe in – staying here won’t get me any partner or husband and since my future husband will be someone from other places but not Ipoh, I GOT TO RUN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Which got me into another issue – My dream to work in Singapore’s hotel. I believe those who are close to me knows well enough of how eager I am to work in just any hotel in Singapore. The Main Problem here is, they got quota issue. It’s always quota issue and I am stuck here. Should I just put aside of my dreams and just get a job in Singapore first? Regardless whatever, I am going to any career fair to see what is available. I really feel so tired that no one cares about me beside my family and some of my good friends. SOME!

I wanted to shout-out, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAI LING, my closest colleague, I have a confession to make, I really sayang you a lot more than you know and I tend to treat you better than anyone else in the company, do you know that? Of course I’m not lesbian la but I do sayang you to certain extend. I am random and I am not shame about it. This is just ME.

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