Thursday, May 26, 2016

Apology Accepted

It happened on a normal afternoon yesterday. As usual, Wai Ling wasn’t free and so I pick up her calls. For the whole time, I didn’t know it was someone I know, and he was looking for Wai Ling but I told him she’s not available but I can help him with his bookings. At first he said “It’s ok I’ll call back, but then I tell him that “You can just tell me, I can help you” and so he told me is not allowing him to cancel his booking without the penalty charges. So he couldn’t use his Maxis Voucher.

Within 20 seconds after I hang up the call, suddenly I heard *ding* on Facebook. It was someone unexpected, It’s Khai Yong.

He was then asking me “Hey, did we just talk just now?” I then sense something fishy. Didn't know it was him until he mention. It actually not a big deal that I can’t recognize his voice since we seldom talk over the phone.

It begins like this….

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5

Then we began to chat on Facebook, with him asking me how’s my life going on and do I have a boyfriend yet? I answered all his questions beside the love life issue. Then we continue to chat and he asked again about how’s my love life? I ignored that question because I don’t think he needs to know. And then he called.

First thing was still asking me about my life, and then he ask again about my love life.

Him: You’ve been avoiding my question about your love life.

Me: Why are you so insist to know?

Him: Curious mah…

Me: It’s for me to know for you to find out….

Him: Okay lor….ask only mah….

Then we continue to talk and suddenly he was saying

Him: You sound so fierce on the phone.

Me: Then you know the way I talk to you and the way I talk to others is different.

Him: Are you still mad at me?

Me: Do you think I should be mad after what you did to me? *Pissed*

Him: I’m sorry….

Me: It could have been much better if your sorry can come months ago.

Anyway, apology accepted. 

Said this to him over Facebook Messenger:

“Anyway I'm not angry anymore and I meant it. It's a past and apology accepted. Thanks for the call and I wish both of you happiness and I hope you'll treat her good. “

Dramatic? Unexpected, but I feel so much relieve getting an apology from him.

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